World Challenge Fundraising – What About Selling Branded USB Flash Drives

If you’ve been lucky enough to bag a place on a World Challenge or school expedition then congratulations are in order because you’re going to be in for the experience of a lifetime. Whether you’re trekking in the Andean mountains in Peru or sea kayaking around the beautiful islands off Croatia you can be assured that the trip will challenge and stretch physically as well as help you to develop a whole range of personal skills and build new friendships along the way.

USB Flash Drives

These expeditions are “self-funded” so before you can set-off on the trip you’ll be challenged to find innovative ways of raising the money to pay for it. There are loads of ideas on the web and in various forums and Facebook groups but you might also want to consider selling USB flash drives that have been printed with your school logo on and/or possibly details of the Challenge trip.

Printed USB Flash Drives are really popular at the moment because they’re easy to use; they’re small and handy to carry around. At school or university they are an absolute necessity to take work between school and home so pretty much every student needs one.

You could also consider selling them to local businesses. Lots of them are handing them out to prospective customers at shows, exhibitions and events. Typically the businesses will pre-load the USB sticks with sales brochures, presentation files or media files before they are handed out – this way they can offset the cost the flash drives by saving they make by not printing their sales collateral.

Examples of USB Wristbands

There are lots of opportunities to sell USB flash drives printed with a brand or logo including selling them to your friends, your fellow students and your teachers, lecturers and family! If your school holds sports days, award ceremonies, stages plays or has musical performances then you could record these and load the video footage and/or photographs onto the USB sticks and sell them to pupils and parents.

Ideally you need to find supplier that is sympathetic to your fundraising requirements and will offer them to you at a discount and will ideally offer you payment terms meaning you won’t have to pay upfront for them. This way you’ve got around a month to sell some before you have to pay for them. They will need to be paid for so make sure you don’t over order.

One the leading suppliers of flash drive in the UK is USB2U. They have been supplying branded (and unbranded) USB flash drives to schools and universities since 2002 and typically they’ll offer flash drives to fundraising groups on the following terms:

  • Free design support using their team of in-house designers. So, if you’ve got an idea but need someone to bring it to life then just chat through your requirement and their designers will weave their magic on their Apple Macs
  • Free Print Set-Up and Origination. When you order printed USB memory sticks it’s typical to get charged for the artwork to be “set-up” before the sticks are printed but for Enterprise Groups these fees are waived.
  • 30-Day trade terms on all orders. You won’t have to pay for your branded USB memory sticks until 30 days after delivery! (to qualify the order needs to sent to your school or university)
  • Wide choice of styles and memory sizes and you can select different colours and sizes in a single order.

If you think selling printed USB flash drives might be a good way to raise money for your expedition then get in touch with USB2U – you can email, pick up the phone (it’s a Freephone number so you won’t have to pay for the call), fill in the on-line quote form or “chat” to the team in real time using their web based chat system!

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