USB Webkeys

Our USB webkeys are a brilliant and cost-effective way to share small amounts of specific content en masse without using the high capacity storage and flash memory that USB sticks have. So if you have a number of online links to share, such as your website home page, this would be the recommended avenue to go down. When you connect the webkey to your PC or MAC, the web page link will show up on your browser automatically, requiring no setup.

 Ways to use Webkeys
  • Web page sharing
  • Campaign promotion
  • Product launches
  • Special offers and competitions
  • Exclusive content

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1 Item

What we can do for you

Whatever content you would like to share and promote, we can pre-load this for added convenience. We can also print your logo alongside other imagery and text, so it is a great way to convey your message. Our Mailer Pack is similar to the traditional direct marketing pack with a digital twist, so you get the same leaflet style format, but with a detachable USB webkey as well. Our webkeys are also available in a USB stick and credit card style format. Both formats work in the same way as the mailer pack in the sense that there is no memory or storage within, with only your pre-loaded links stored. Our card webkeys are identical to our credit card USBs and are available in the same shapes (circles, squares and rectangles) and colours with the USB connector attached at one end of the card.