Looking for an environmentally friendly promotional product to wow your audience with? These 'green' USB sticks certainly have the look and the eco-friendly credentials to go with it. The essence of these flash drives is that they use as little plastic or metal in their composition as possible, with a focus on natural materials. 

We have carefully put together this selection of eco USB sticks to be made of mostly natural and compostable materials, including cardboard, bamboo and cork. The internal USB components are still made of metal and plastic, hence they cannot 100% be recycled, but our aim with these products is to reduce the amount of plastic and non-compostable materials used as much as we can. Every little helps! 

9 items

9 Items

Looking For Recyclable Packaging?

We can also offer to package the products without the need for bubble wrap or plastic poly bags – we have cardboard packaging options and slim gift boxes, which are all available on request. Please let us know when placing your order if you’d like us to send your USBs with the least amount of plastic possible and we will arrange this with our production team.

We also offer all of our wooden USB sticks in naturally sustainable bamboo material, which for obvious reasons is probably one of the most environmentally friendly USB options we offer!