USB Pens

USB pens are a useful gift to give in goodie bags or to put on round banquet tables at conferences or seminars, as well as being practical for training sessions, providing users with not only pre-loaded presentation material, but a pen to write notes with too. Some of our USB pens have even more features packed into them, such as a stylus, LED light and laser pointer. More importantly, you can choose to have your logo embossed, printed or engraved onto the pen to promote your brand. To give your pen gifts some extra finesse, we can supply you with tin boxes, either plain or branded, with a secure foam insert inside.

Our USB Pens

The Corporate, our more standardised USB pen, is available in a wider range of colours than our other pens — twist off the top of the pen to reveal a USB connector.

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6 items

6 Items

In a high quality metal alloy, we have our Executive, Stylus and Executive Stylus pens. Perfect for using in presentations, the Executive has the added bonus of a white LED light and a red laser pointer. Our Stylus on the other hand, features a Stylus nib to use with smart-phones, tablets or any other touch screen devices. Fancy a pen, USB connector, LED light, stylus and red laser pointer? Our Executive Stylus combines all five features into one pen.

Much like our Slider USB Credit Card, the USB connector slides out of the top of our Sleek pen and detaches so that you can use this separately. And for something slightly different, how about our Woodland pen — made out of steel and wood?