USB Packaging for Photographers

Aside from our lovely selection of USB sticks for photographers, we also have USB boxes, drawstring bags and tins to add that extra personal touch, and really enhance your offering as a professional photographer, helping to make those memories extra special. With a large print area to the tops of the boxes and tins, there is plenty of room to get creative and showcase your personal logo or print something that carries more of a personal touch for your customers.

Our Selection — Card & Wooden USB Boxes to Tins and Drawstring Bags

Our most popular USB box for photographers is the flip box, available in both wooden and gloss-coated card variations. Our gloss-coated boxes are available in both white and black, in mini and standard versions and with prints, should customers want to immediately frame their favourite memories or share them with guests. The Luxury print and flip boxes represent a more premium offering due to their faux leather finish creating a truly superior packaging solution for your USBs.

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Our wooden slide USB boxes are available in different finishes, from light to dark, and can also be painted, either with our cute little trinket box in a white maple wood or just on the lid on our pastel boxes, choosing from a range of yellow, teal, baby blue, baby pink and lilac. Just as we do with our flip boxes, you can choose to have digital prints with some of our wooden USB boxes, with a photo and/or logo on the lid.

Aside from USB boxes, other options for photographers include card wallets to protect USB credit cards, magnetic plastic boxes, mini tin boxes with foam inserts and black velvet drawstring bags that can be ordered as a standalone.