Metal USB Sticks

If you're looking for something a little tougher and more durable than your average branded USB stick then you can't go wrong with any of the metal USB sticks from our range. They all ooze sophistication and style, they're suitable for printing or laser engraving and are incredibly tactile. Looking to make an impact? Don't forget to take a look at our range of USB packaging solutions to really set your drives off. Tin boxes work particularly well with our branded metal USBs.

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  1. Crystal USB
    Crystal USB
  2. Radial USB
    Radial USB
  3. Carbon USB
    Carbon USB
  4. Carabiner USB
    Carabiner USB
  5. Bottle Opener USB
    Bottle Opener USB
  6. Key USB (printed)
    Key USB (printed)
  7. Key USB (engraved)
    Key USB (engraved)
  8. Celebrity USB
    Best Seller
    Celebrity USB
  9. Engraved Slider USB
    Engraved Slider USB
  10. Capsule USB
    Capsule USB
  11. Kart USB
    Kart USB

19 Items

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