Classic USB Sticks — Popular USB Flash Drives

Our most popular USB flash drives, or as we like to call them, our ‘classics’, are so sought after, they had to have their own page. Why are they so popular?

These USBs are great for displaying and showing off your brand logo or message, whether it is printed or engraved, and models such as the Twister USB flash drive can have the body shell pantone matched to any primary colour from your logo. Sometimes, the most simple of designs can be the most effective.


The Twister, named after its 360-degree rotational clip, is available as a standard printed option, in monochrome and engraved. The clip protects the USB when not in use, whilst remaining attached to the stick and has a loop to attach to a lanyard.

Classic ‘Cap’ USBs

Other USB flash drives in our classic range include the Chic, Trident, Harbour (rectangular shaped) and the Probe and Oval (oval shaped). All of these models have a protective cap, a lanyard and keyring loop, and a power light. Both the Chic and Trident have a silver stripe/s that provides an elegant finish to the stick. The Probe USB gives you the option to have a mix and match cap and body, whereas if you are looking for the greatest print area in terms of flash drive options, the Shadow with its groove at the lanyard loop is the USB for you. Our aluminium Harbour model with coloured trim is similar to the Oval, bar the latter’s difference in shape and having a slighter aluminium strip.