Resin Dome Stickers for USB Memory Sticks

A bold and different branding option

Dome stickers are another great and eye catching option for branding your new USB memory sticks. A dome sticker, also commonly referred to as simply a 3D sticker, consists of a full or spot colour digital print, which is then protected under an applied raised resin dome.

We can produce these resin dome stickers in almost any type of shape, and we can print them with complex logos, including graduated tones that sometimes cannot be printed directly onto a memory stick. 

We believe in consistently achieving the best end product, so we only use high quality and professionally produced resin dome stickers to ensure that your finished and branded USBs are not just of the very best standard, but will also be sure to impress your clients or customers.

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Dome stickers are a bold choice that can result in a very eye catching aesthetic, however they are not appropriate for all situations and in fact many USBs do not allow for dome stickers at all. USBs with a heavily curved surface, for example, will not support a resin dome sticker. For example, whilst the clip of the immensely popular Twister USB design allows for support of dome stickers, certain other popular designs such as the Glide USB are unsuitable due to their curved nature.

If you are looking to print multiple different colours then the dome sticker option can work out more cost effective for you than spot printing directly onto the USB flash drive. For some flash drives printing is and will always remain the best and most cost effective option, but if you’re in a hurry and don’t mind limiting your choice of flash drives to those that work well with domed stickers then this is an excellent solution for you.

The lead time for dome stickers is usually five working days so this should be considered when making your decision, especially if you require a quick turnaround meaning dome stickers may not be appropriate.

If our dome sticker service is of interest to you then please give us a call on 01604 685040 and we will talk you through the options. Samples will be available on request.

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