USB Data Duplication & Data Loading

We load data, so you don't have to

Preloading data onto promotional flash drives is a very popular and reliable way to ensure that any USBs that are handed out at sales events, expos or conferences are both working and loaded with fully working versions of your files.

We won't charge you for USB data loading and duplication on our standard delivery service, as long as the data being loaded is 500MB or less on each USB stick. A small charge is applied for files larger than the 500MB limit, or for those wishing to use our express delivery service.

We have over 12 data duplication machines, acquiring more over time, and each machine is capable of copying data to roughly 32 USB memory sticks at once.

When data is loaded onto your USB sticks, an extra quality check is performed on each and every single USB drive. Our data duplication machines not only copy and verify the data, but they can also check the USB is working 100% correctly, meaning you can be assured of reliable, fully working and pre loaded flash drives every time.

We will provide you with a full report on the amount of data loaded, and failures and details of any failed drives however they will of course be replaced.

Many types of data can be loaded onto and duplicated onto USB flash drives including presentations, PDFs, word documents, media files or more.

The Data Loading Process

Getting the files to us could not be easier as there are a variety of ways to send them to us. If the files are small in size, then you can simply send them via email to your account manager. For larger file sizes, you can send them to us via a service such as WeTransfer, where we can download files that you have uploaded.

Lastly, you can also send us your own USB containing the files you wish to be copied onto the sticks, the benefit of this is that in the case of media files this ensures that no quality is lost. Following this, we must create a master copy USB, which is the copy we will use to copy to all other flash drives. If you have sent us your own USB, we can use this as the master copy.

Finally, we use our data duplication machines to create multiple copies at once. With over 12 data duplication machines, we are able to create up to 384 identical USBs at one time. The machine automatically checks each USB for any problems and alerts the user to any problems. Any USBs with problems are replaced free of charge and go through the same process.


We no longer recommend auto runs these days, as many corporate networks, firewalls and antivirus software stop these from working, however if you want your files to load and start automatically every time the user inserts the USB flash drive, we can still do this for you. Please note however, that auto-run files can only be loaded onto the flash drives during the manufacturing process. The files cannot be deleted afterwards, and they can be deemed as annoying to the user because of their intrusive nature. So whilst auto-run files are useful, they need to be carefully considered, and if not necessary they should probably be avoided. If you want the USB flash drives to be used over and over again, then an auto-run file might not be the best solution. Also note that auto-run files typically do not work with Apple Macs or the latest versions of Windows, and any pre-loaded executable files may be “blocked” on a company network. This further reduces their usefulness.


With any USB memory stick, it is possible to create two “virtual” drives, called partitions. The benefit of this is that partitioning your flash drive allows you to pre-load and protect your data by locking it so that it cannot be deleted, whilst giving the user a separate section to store their own data in. Ask your account manager for a price to partition and lock your data onto your branded USB sticks.

Data loading pre-existing sticks:

If you already have your own USB sticks and need them loaded with data then we can also help you out with this. We can provide a price to wipe them and reload them for you. The price is determined by the amount of data that needs loading onto each stick, plus the size of the memory on the USB. There is also an additional setup fee involved for using this service. View price list for data loading onto pre-existing USBs here.

View price list for data loading onto pre-existing USBs here.

Our aim is to provide a streamlined dataloading process which is as simple and straightforward as possible

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