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    We can preload your USB sticks with data so you won't have to. Up to 500 MB free of charge.

Data Duplication & Uploading

We load data, so you don't have to

Preloading data onto promotional USB flash drives is highly popular, and a great way to utilise your flash drives that are handed out at sales events, expos or conferences. We won’t charge you for USB data loading and duplication on our standard delivery service as long as the data being loaded is 500MB or less on each USB stick. A small charge will be applied for files larger than 500MB or for those wishing to order USBs on express delivery. 

Click here to view our full data loading price list!

When we load data onto your USB flash drives an extra quality check is performed on every USB, as our duplication machines not only copy and verify the data, they also check that the USB is working 100%. We will provide you with a full report on the amount of data loaded, and details of any failed drives.

Free data loading on your first 500MB.

(Excludes express service orders)

Many types of data can be loaded onto and duplicated onto USB flash drives including:

  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Word Documents
  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • Media Files (music, movies etc.)
  • PDF Files
  • High res images
  • Executable applications
  • Programs

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Additional data loading options:


We don't recommend auto runs these days as many corporate networks, firewalls and antivirus software stop these from working. If you want your files to load and start automatically every time the user inserts the USB flash, we can do this for you. But please note auto-run files can only be loaded onto the flash drives during the manufacturing process. The files cannot be deleted afterwards and they can be a little annoying to the user because of their intrusive nature. So whilst auto-run files are useful, they need to be carefully considered. If you want the USB flash drives to be used over and over again then an auto-run file might not be the best solution. Also note that auto-run files typically don't work with Apple Macs, the latest version of Windows and any pre-loaded executable files may be "blocked" on a company network. Also note that auto-run files typically don't work with Apple Macs, the latest version of Windows and any pre-loaded executable files may be "blocked" on a company network.


With any flash drive, it is possible to create two "virtual" drives called partitions. The benefit of partitioning your USB flash drive is that you can pre-load and protect (lock it so that it cannot be deleted) your data whilst giving the user a separate section (partition) to store their own data in. Ask your account manager for a price to partition and lock your data onto your branded USB sticks.

Data loading pre-existing sticks

If you already have your own USB sticks and need them loaded with data then we can also help you out with this. We can provide a price to wipe them and reload them for you. The price is determined by the amount of data that needs loading onto each stick plus the size of the memory on the USB. There is also an additional setup fee involved for using this service.

View price list for data loading onto pre-existing USBs here. 

How to send us your data

You can send your preload files via post (CD/DVD/USB) to:

Data Pre-Load Department / Your Account Manager's name
Gilt Edged House
Kings Park Road

Alternatively you can email us the data: sales@usb2u.co.uk

Please note that our inbound email size limit is 8MB - if your files exceed this size, you can send the data to us via a file sharing website such as WeTransfer or Dropbox.

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