We've got the finishing touches to make your brand stand out

Many products on our website can be branded with a logo or message in various ways. We offer a variety of different methods for branding, to suit your brand and the product itself.

Both spot colour printing and full colour digital print are by far the most popular, but we also offer other specialist options. Pad Printing is available for difficult to print on product shapes or designs, and embossing is used for leather of faux leather based products. Laser engraving can be used for our wooden or metal based products whilst LED engraving is a method that enables light up names and logos, but is only available on a small number of products.

However, it's not always easy to know what will and won't work with a logo and as you can imagine different methods of transfer present different results.

Take a look below at our most popular branding techniques used on our various USBs, power banks, tech products and even packaging to see which is most likely to work for you.

Spot Colour Printing

Spot colour printing is the most widely available printing method across our range, available and suitable on the majority of our products. Spot colour printing allows you to print individual colours to build up a name or logo, resulting in bold designs. Not suitable for complex logos with more than four colours, or those with any form of graduated tint.

Full Colour Digital Printing

Full colour digital printing can offer near photograph quality levels of printing and is particularly useful on products with a large surface area such as the credit card power bank or USB cards. Full colour digital printing is available on a wide range of products and is suitable for complex logos or designs with a lot of colour, and is particularly useful for those with shading or gradients.

Pad Printing

Pad printing is used to transfer logos onto complex product shapes or designs, and can print in up to two different colours, depending on the colour of the product onto which it is printing. Dark products can only be printed onto in one colour, however. White products can support two different colours. Pad printing takes more time to set up due to it's more complex nature, and due to this it often comes with an additional setup fee.


Embossing is available on all of our leather or faux-leather products such as the Rodeo or Cowboy USBs. Embossing involves branding the product using a metal die of the logo or design, which is pressed into the leather area of the product. This form of branding is best for clean and bold logos, and not for those with complex or intricate designs. Embossing produces a 3D effect that is also pleasing to touch. It is a highly durable and resilient branding option, yet looks and feels incredibly classy, resulting in a highly impressive final product.

Laser Engraving

Used on products such as our wooden USBs and packaging or our metal power banks and USBs. Laser engraving marks the product using a laser which uses a high concentration of heat to either mark or chip into the product (depending on the material of the product). With wooden products we offer different depths of engraving, resulting in very different aesthetics, and our team will be happy to guide you through this if needed.

LED Engraving

LED engraving is only available on very select products, and consists of an LED light placed beneath the casing of the product which is then etched away, revealing the light below. Whilst this is white as standard, we can also do coloured lights such as blue or red on many products, depending on minimum order quantities. When the products are powered up, the logo or company name will glow, resulting in an incredibly powerful and attention grabbing final product that will surely impress any who receive it.

Resin Dome Stickers

Alongside these branding options, we can also use Resin Dome Stickers that are printed in full-colour to brand onto products upon request.

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