Branding Options

We've got the finishing touches to make your brand stand out

Many products on our website can be branded with a logo or message in various ways from printing and laser engraving to even embossing (usually available on our faux-leather products).

However, it's not always easy to know what will and won't work with a logo and as you can imagine different methods of transfer present different results. 

Take a look below at our most popular branding techniques used on our various USBs, Power Banks, Tech products and even packaging to see which is most likely to work for you. 

laser engraver


Spot Colour Printing

  • The most widely available printing method across our range of products
  • Suitable for the majority of products sold by USB2U
  • Allows you to print individual colours to build up your logo
  • Not suitable for complex logos with more than 4 colours or those that have a graduated tint
Spot Colour Printing

Full-Colour Printing

  • Full-colour printing effectively offers photo quality printing
  • Available on a wide range of promotional products
  • Perfect for complex logos/designs with lots of colour
Full Colour Printing


Pad Printing

  • Pad printing is used when transferring logos onto more complex product shapes/designs
  • Logos are printed in a max of two colours depending on the product colour
  • Dark product colours such as grey or black can only be pad printed on to in 1 colour
  • Products that are white can support 2 colour pad print
  • Generally, pad printing requires more time to do and often comes with an additional setup fee
Pad Printing

Laser Engraving

  • A popular choice for wood and metal based products and packaging
  • Logos laser engraved can come out differently depending on the products being branded
  • Metal engraving can produce a white finish or can come out slightly darker depending on where it is engraved
  • Wooden products that are engraved can produce different results depending on the type of wood used and how deep the engraver needs to go to complete the design
  • Certain logos are more suitable than others for this method
Laser Engraving


  • Available with our leather and faux leather based products
  • Offers an extremely tough and resilient branding option
  • Produces a luxurious finish

Resin Dome Stickers

Alongside these branding options, we can also use Resin Dome Stickers that are printed in full-colour to brand onto products upon request. 

Find out more about this process here

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