Encryption — Password Protected USB Sticks

Keeping USBs safe & secure

USB security is a hot topic these days.

Firstly, USB capabilities are greater. That is good news for all of us who want to store more data in one place and access data at the fastest speeds possible. We all know that productivity is paramount, yet this is compromising the security of our USB sticks, as the need for speedy access to files and data has given others the ability to not only access our data, but lots of it, and quickly.

Alongside this, the vast number of different electronic devices that we all use on a daily or consistent basis is always on the increase. From desktop PCs and laptops to tablets and smartphones, we are using more electronic devices than ever before, as they become an essential part of social lives, workplaces and even our leisure time, and encouraging cross-device USB usage only increases the exposure to computer viruses or bugs from other malicious software.

Finally, the traditional office environment no longer exists in isolation either, with many employees working from home or using USBs for presentations and courses ‘offsite’. All of these things can compromise USB security as well as the overall cyber-security of an organisation.

With new data protection laws (GDPR) now in effect, it's imperative that businesses make a conscious effort to try and protect all sensitive data, even when sharing it with others. 

Why should I consider encryption?

As we have seen constantly in recent times with several high profile cases on people misplacing their hard drives, even something as simple as losing your USB can result in sensitive or confidential information such as marketing plans or customer data can easily get into the wrong hands.

No company should consider themselves safe from this, with companies such as Heathrow airport fined a giant £120,000 for a data breach from a misplaced flash drive, and even the government themselves have fallen foul of this in recent times.

Hardware encrypted USBs with password protection software included are the answer.

How Encryption Helps You Comply With GDPR

How can encryption help you to ensure that your business is fully compliant with the EU's GDPR regulation?

Understanding Encryption Specifications

We understand some of the specifications can be confusing, so we have a page dedicated to helping you understand.

Encryption For Education

Educational institutions need to be especially careful with how they handle data, and encryption could help make that easier.

What is encryption?

So what is encryption and how does it work? During the manufacturing process, extra layers of protection and encryption are added to a USB — this will make it almost impossible to be hacked. As the encrypted USB is password protected, access to the data stored is restricted. Using password protected, encrypted USBs is easy: plug it into your laptop or desktop and set your own password or passcode when you first use it.

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Branded encrypted USB sticks are ideal for storing sensitive and confidential business information. How so? With encrypted USBs, the electronic data contained within is converted into cipher text. Only those who know the secret key or password that was put in place to protect the data can then access this.

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