Pantone Matching

All of our USB flash drives are available in a wide range of standard colours such as red, white, black or blue. However some of them, such as the popular Twister USB, can be produced in any colour that you want.

By Pantone® matching the body or the shell of the USB memory stick, you can achieve a finished product that perfectly matches with your logo or brand colour scheme. This will make your product stand out as your memory stick is effectively a bespoke product produced only for you and in your brand colour.

Pantone is a way of standardising colours, so that manufacturers and customers can ensure colours match easily. Over 1,114 spot colours can be easily achieved using the CMYK system mixed with 14 different base pigments.

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Pantone® matching is currently available FREE of charge with many of our products. Below is a list of some products with which Pantone® matching is available.*:

  1. Twister Flash Drive
  2. Probe Memory Stick
  3. Chic USB Flash Drive
  4. Trident USB Flash Drive
*Subject to a minimum order quantity of 500 with all products.

It is also available as standard on custom designed USB sticks. For more information on Pantone matching, please contact us by emailing or calling on 0800 008 7079.

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At USB2U we offer this service for FREE on some of our more popular flash drives when you order 500 units or more. Remember that we also offer a FREE design and visual mockup service. Send us your logo and Pantone® reference, and we will send you an illustration of what your product would look like with your Pantone® colour and branding.

We can of course Pantone® match many other memory sticks from our selection, but in this case a small set-up fee will be charged. If you would like to receive a quotation for Pantone® matched memory sticks then give us a call and we can talk you through the options.

For any information regarding preferred logo and design artwork, please see the Artwork Guidelines.

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