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Branded USB Sticks & Powerbanks in a Range of Popular Styles

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Branded USB sticks from USB2U

Branded USBs from USB2U are USB Sticks printed with a company logo for both promotional and professional purposes. Branded USB Sticks are a convenient way to hand out digital information to your chosen recipients, no matter the file size or format. Branded USBs, otherwise known as Branded Memory Sticks, are available in sizes as little as 128MB and as large as 128GB; the choice is yours.

There are many uses for a Branded USB stick, and examples from a handful of our customers include photographers who supply high-res images for wedding or portrait clients on a branded USB, schools and educational organisations who preload course material onto the USBs before handing out to students, as well as large corporate clients who publish their latest marketing material on a USB stick before giving away at an event or as part of a mailing campaign. There is a branded USB to suit every project and this list isn't exhaustive. Here at USB2U we offer a choice of popular styles to suit all brands. We can also pre-load the USB Sticks with data files for you prior to delivery, no matter the file size. Preloaded documents that go onto USBs range from small PDFs or word documents to large, high-res images and video files.

What's the difference between a custom USB and a branded USB?

A branded USB flash drive uses a standard style of casing from the product range and has a company's logo printed onto it. A custom USB flash drive has bespoke housing made to order with a unique shape and unique colours. The size of the flash drive memory chip can also be selected to your liking. So, whereas the colours and logo are restricted to a set range and print area on a branded USB stick, everything is fully bespoke on a custom flash drive.

So why choose a custom USB stick? In the crowded markets of today anything that can help you stand out from the competition is worth its weight in gold. A branded USB flash drive can help you do just that but a custom USB stick will give you a creative edge over your competitors. We can produce a fully customized USB stick in the shape of your best-selling product or even your logo ? just let us know your design spec and we will deliver a custom USB drive to wow your target audience. If you don't believe us take a look at the custom USB flash drives that we have made for clients in the past.

Why choose USB2U when ordering branded USB Sticks?

USB2U is a leading supplier of promotional USB memory sticks, company branded USBs, custom USB drives and USB pens printed with your logo. In fact we can supply and print pretty much anything that has a USB connector on it, including USB power banks, speakers and fans. We've been supplying company branded USB promotional items since 2002 so you're in safe hands. Check out customer reviews of USB2U on Trustpilot to see what our customers are saying about us. We are a trusted supplier to not only small local schools and shops but also global blue chip brands and some of the largest universities and organizations in the UK.

So, if you are looking for company branded memory sticks or perhaps you want a USB flash drive manufactured in a custom shape then give us a call or fill out the online "get a quote" enquiry form and one of our team will get back to you in a flash. If you're in a hurry we always carry UK stock of memory sticks, power banks and packaging and we offer a 24-hour turnaround service on a selected range of flash drives.

Logo USB flash drives

Let's be honest, the luxury of having your company branding on a logo USB memory stick is probably the most important part of a branded USB flash drive and is the reason that many companies buy them over a non-branded memory stick you can buy off the shelf. For this reason we have a range of products and services that help you get your logo USB right and make the best impact.

Why is a logo USB memory stick so important?

Not only can the logo and artwork be completely customized to your company's colours and needs but the case of the USB stick can, in most cases, be pantone matched to your desired colour. Simply put, logo USB memory sticks make much more of an impact than plain USB memory sticks.


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