Promotional PopSockets® are a must have tech gift for smartphone users. With options including black and white finishes, wood and metal, these are a diverse device that is stuck to the back of a mobile phone to provide extra grip and stability.

PopSockets®, otherwise called PopGrips, stick to mobile devices via a reusable secure adhesive, and are easily peeled off without leaving a mark on the rear of the device.

We can provide multiple varieties of PopSocket®, including the standard PopSocket® (PopGrip Basic) which is a regular plastic version that comes in white or black. We can also supply small quantities of the wooden and metal PopSockets® which come in Rose Wood, Zebra Wood or Bamboo, or Black, Silver, or Rose Gold Aluminium.

New for 2022 is the PopGrip Plant, an eco PopSocket option with a translucent accordion. Made of 1/3 plant based materials, this is a great option for those looking for a more eco friendly tech gift. 

4 items

4 Items