USB2U USB Sticks

Designed to promote your business no matter the industry – our USBs come in all shapes and colours.

From our popular Twister range to eco-friendly branded pen drives made from sustainable wood, we have options to suit every business.

Make them part of your merchandising, and everyone will remember your company no matter where they go! Engrave your flash drive with your logo or brand message and bring your business to life - great for use in promotional campaigns or events.

Other USB services available

Data Loading

Bulk USB purchases usually entail a bulk loading of data. We can take this pain away with our free data loading service (of up to 500MB).

Pantone Colour Matching

For our standard USB sticks we offer free Pantone Colour Matching so that you can get the colour tone that matches your brand.

Serial Number Printing

Sometimes USB sticks can be lost or misplaced. Serial number printing and segmentation can help. By having an individual identification number, you can trace which stick belongs to whom. 

What customers say about our branded USB sticks