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USB Data Duplication & Data Loading

Its Free we don't charge extra for USB data loading and duplication! **That's right if you buy your branded flash drives from USB2U and we will pre-load up to 200MB of data on a master copy of your flash drive and then duplicate this data onto all of your memory sticks FREE of charge (maximum limit on data loaded free is 200MB larger amounts of data can be loaded but a small charge will apply).

If you've bought your branded flash drives elsewhere (tut tut!) but you need your USB flash drives loaded with data then just give us a call and we'll work up a price for you. The price is determined by the amount of data to be loaded, the size of the memory on the memory stick the data is being loaded onto and whether the memory sticks can be supplied "bulk" or whether they are "boxed" and need unpacking and re-packing before and after copying.
Pretty much any type of data can be loaded onto and duplicated across all USB flash drives including but not limited to:
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Word Documents
  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • Media Files (music, movies etc.)
  • PDF Files
  • Executable applications
  • Programs
You can send your pre-load files via:
Post (CD/DVD/USB Flash Drives):
Data Pre-Load Department
Gilt Edge House
Kings Park Road
Pre-loading data on promotional flash drives is increasingly popular because when you buy branded memory stick you are also buying lots of data storage and it makes sense to use this storage by pre-loading your sales material and other key documents onto the sticks before they are distributed. This is an excellent option for promotional flash drives that are handed out at sales shows/events or branded memory sticks that are given to delegates at the end of a conference, seminar or press event.

When we data-load your USB flash drives we also perform an extra QA check on every flash drive we load data onto. We'll provide you with a full report on the amount of data loaded and details of any failed drives.

In addition to basic data duplication we can also offer the following specialised data loading options:
Auto-run files
If you want your files to load and start automatically every time the user inserts the USB flash then this is possible but bear in mind auto-run files can only be loaded onto the flash drives during manufacture, they cannot be deleted and they can be a little annoying to the user because of their intrusive nature. So whilst auto-run files are useful they need to be used sparingly. If you want the USB flash drives to be used over and over again to give you the optimum amount of brand exposure then an auto-run file might not be the best solution.

Please Note: Auto-run files typically don't work with Apple Macs and any pre-loaded executable files may be "blocked" on a company network. Please contact us if you have any queries or concerns.
Password Protecting Your USB Flash Drives
You can restrict access to any data you load onto your flash drives by protecting use of the flash drive with a password. We can set the password to anything you want during the manufacture process or we can leave it set to a standard "default" password that the user will be prompted to change on first use.

There is a small nominal charge to add the password application to any branded memory stick.
Partitioning Your USB Flash Drives
With any flash drive it is possible to create two "virtual" drives called partitions. The benefit of partitioning a drive is that you can pre-load and protect (lock so it cannot be deleted) your data whilst giving the user a separate partition to store their own data in.

A partitioned USB drive works in exactly the same way as a non-partitioned drive but it will just appear as two separate "virtual" drives when inserted into a USB port the PC or Mac that its being used with will allocate two separate drive letters, e.g. F: and G: - typically one will contain pre-loaded files that can be viewed and not deleted and the other drive will be left free for the user to load onto it any files they wish.