Using Stickers to Brand A USB Flash Drive

Mention the word “sticker” to most people when it comes to branded USB sticks and the typical reaction is to hesitate and then think …stickers? …err…no thanks….!

Whilst this reaction is understandable it’s a shame because the stickers used to brand USB flash drives are not cheap and nasty stickers printed onto paper and just plonked onto the drive but instead they are high quality, resin dome stickers. Resin dome stickers are professionally produced, photo quality stickers that are custom made to fit seamlessly on the USB flash drive.

Examples of USB Flash Drives With Dome Stickers Examples of USB Flash Drives With Dome Stickers

In some respects branding a USB stick with a resin dome sticker creates a better overall image than standard printing options. Standard logo printing options typically rule out complex logos or logos with graduated tints and shading, but using a resin sticker can easily accommodate these.  The way resin stickers are made also means the print is encapsulated in a “resin dome” – this provides a slightly raised effect to the stickers and protects the encased logo from the knocks and bumps that are typically in daily use. So, if you’re expecting any branded USB sticks you order to take some punishment and you want your printed logo to stay intact then you’d be better off looking at a dome sticker solution.

An additional benefit of using dome stickers is that when used in conjunction with the popular Twister UBS flash drive they give you more print space. This is because the dome sticker covers the whole of the surface area of the rotating clip. The extra space allows you to print your logo’s a little larger or to include more detail like phone numbers and web addresses that you might struggle to include on a standard USB Twister flash drive.

Dome Sticker Twisters Vs Standard Twisters Dome Sticker Twisters Vs Standard Twisters

USB flash drives that are branded using resin dome stickers are typically a little more expensive than flash drives that are printed directly onto the USB shell or clip but if you’re looking for a robust print solution and you’ve got a complex logo or message your want on the USB drives then the extra cost is certainly worth it.

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