Dome Stickers – Yes, They Really Are An Excellent Alternative To Printing

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USB Dome Stickers

When we suggest to clients that they use a “sticker" to brand their USB memory sticks we don't always get a positive reaction. Understandably the perception of stickers is that they will look cheap and tacky and that they’re just a poor substitute for properly printed memory sticks. In reality nothing could be further from the truth.

When we talk about using “stickers” we don’t mean stickers that someone has knocked up on a local printer and just “plonked” onto a blank flash drive. We only use high quality, professionally produced dome stickers. A dome sticker is a colour print protected under and raised resin dome. We can produce the stickers in any shape (so they fit neatly onto the memory sticks) and we can print complex logo’s including graduated tones that typically can’t be printed directly onto a memory stick. The layer of resin applied to the sticker helps prevent wear and tear and reduces, significantly, the usual scratching and erosion of logo’s that can occur on printed USB sticks

The lead time for dome stickers is just a couple of days and if you are looking to print multiple colours then the dome sticker option typically works out cheaper than spot printing directly onto the USB flash drive.

We’re not suggesting you should always use domed stickers because for some flash drives printing is and will always remain the best option. But, if you’re in a hurry and you don’t mind limiting your choose of flash drives to those that work well with domed stickers then they are an excellent solution.

If our dome sticker service is of interest to you then please give us a call and one of our team will talk you through the options. Samples are available on request if you need convincing on the quality of the end product.

Examples Of Dome Stick Branded Memory Sticks...

Branded USB Memory Sticks - Twister
Personalised USB - Slider
Branded Memory Sticks - Slider
Promotional USB - Twister
Custom USB - Twister
Branded Memory - Twister
Custom USB - Twister
Branded Memory - Twister