USB2U Announces New Enhanced Data Loading Solutions For USB Flash Drives

USB2U, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of printed USB flash drives and fully bespoke USB memory sticks is delighted to announce the launch of a new extended range of data loading options for the branded USB flash drive it supplies.

USB2U has always prided itself on being one of the few suppliers in the UK able to offer USB flash drives printed with a company logo and pre-laded data within 48hrs of the order being placed.

Unfortunately more complex data loading options such as “auto-runs”, the creation of two virtual drives on a USB drive

USB Data Service

and the ability to protect any data loaded on the drives so it cannot be erased, has not been possible within the timeframe. These complex data loading options have, up until now, only been possible during the manufacturing process and because all USB flash drives are manufactured in China this has meant a 2 week lead-time.

For many customers waiting 2 weeks for printed USB flash drives with an auto-run file or a protected file is not ideal so USB2U has been keen to find a solution that tackles this problem. Following much research and a significant investment in data loading hardware USB2U is delighted to announce that is can now offer an extended suite of data loading options including:

  • Basic data pre-loading. This is the simple loading of any digital file onto the USB flash drives. Example files could include PDF’s Media Files, PowerPoint files, Spreadsheets and Word documents but any file can be loaded.
  • Auto-runs. This as the name implied means that a pre-load file will run automatically when inserted into a USB port. Typically this would be used to start say an audio file or movie or to start a series of PowerPoint files. Auto runs are popular with the giver of USB flash drives because they force the user to view a specific piece of information but they can be a little annoying to the recipient if they cannot be deleted and they are forced to view the information every time they use the flash drive.
  • Partitioned drives. This is the creation of two “virtual” drives on a single USB flash drive. One partition could be pre-loaded with data and the data “locked” so it cannot be erased whilst the other partition could be left “open” to allow the user free access to.
  • Protected (locked) files. If you are paying for the USB flash drives that are being given away and you’ve going to the trouble to pre-load your data onto the drives its useful to know that the files you load can’t be simply erased the first time the USB drive is used.

All of the above data loading options are now available from USB2U on USB flash drives held in stock in the UK. The lead times (subject to stock being available) is 24 hrs for data-loading, 48hrs for printed USB flash drives and 72hrs for data-loading and printing. Interested? Just give the team at USB2U a call or complete the on-line enquiry form on their web site.

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