USB Gift Boxes to Die For

There’s an old saying that goes something like “don’t spoil ship for a ha’p’orth (half a pennyworth) of tar” which basically means don’t spend a lot of money on a project and then go and spoil it by cutting corners.

Sadly we often see this in the world of promotional USB memory sticks – the majority of the printed or engraved USB sticks we supply are delivered “in bulk” which typically means they are supplied in individual clear polythene bags or simple plain white cardboard boxes. Arguably this is fine if they are then going to be handed out to passers by at a trade show or given out at a school (pupils aren’t often that bothered by packaging). But if you’re handing them out to VIP clients, paying attendees at a seminar or conference or to journalists at a press event then you really do need to think about how you are going to package them.

A good quality USB gift box that is either printed or engraved with a logo/message adds massively to the drama and theatre of handing out the USB sticks – the overall package looks better, it looks complete and it looks like some thought has gone into not just the USB stick but the whole package. The more impressed people are with their “gift” the more they’re going to appreciate it, the more they are going to remember it (and who gave it to them) and the more they are going to use it.  Surely this has to be the objective you had in mind when you set out to give away USB sticks in the first place!

Printed USB Tins

There are loads of great looking USB gift boxes available now and they don’t add much to the overall cost so there’s no excuse for at the very least checking out the options. Some of the more popular gift boxes are large white glossy boxes with a black custom foam inlay (printed in full colour) and tin gift boxes, again also printed with a logo on the lid.

These add a real “wow” factor and also protect the USB stick in transit.

Printed and engravbed USB Gift Boxes

If you’re a professional photographer and you’re planning on making the move to USB sticks from CD’s and DVD’s then packaging is going to be very important to you because you operate in a visual world and the USB stick needs to be an extension of your brand and personality. Fortunately there are lots of packaging options for you to choose from including some very smart engraved wooden USB gift boxes (with various foam and straw insert options) and some classy looking black engraved gift boxes!

All of these are available from USB2U and all of these will really help to lift the impact of your brand when you hand them out.

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