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Branded USB Packaging

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If you're considering buying branded USB flash drives then its worth giving some thought to how you want to present these to your customers/clients. For many the standard "poly bags" that they come in are fine because they make it easy to distribute them. For others its not just about how good the branded memory stick looks but more about the overall impact they make when they are handed out. If you really want to up the anti then you should consider a presentation box/tin and even think about getting these branded.

Increasingly printed USB flash drives are central to more sophisticated DM campaign packs and in this scenario it's critical that the flash drive and the packaging dovetail seamlessly into the overall pack.

At USB2U we offer a wide range of packaging solutions that range from our FREE standard gift box to the more expensive metal tins with a "viewing window". We can also supply bespoke packaging solutions all fully printed to compliment your USB flash drives.

We've detailed above the most popular options and included a selection of images of the boxes printed up:
Did you know, we also offer USB Accessories such as Lanyards.
If you haven't already, please choose your USB model from our huge range: USB Flash Drives.

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