Schools Educate in Branded USB Flash Drive Uses

It wouldn’t be a surprise if for many teachers it feels like the kids have only just left for school holidays and for many parents it feels like they broke up for summer ages ago.  Whatever the outlook parents will be buying ‘back to school’ clothing and teachers will be preparing classrooms for the start of another school year.

We supply branded USB memory sticks for a range of educational institutions such as red brick universities, colleges and upper schools to name a few.  Our busiest time for supplying educational institutes with logo USB flash drives is towards the end and at the beginning of the school year.  So in terms of the supplying schools with flash drives we are currently in the eye of the storm - we supplied a lot for the end of the educational year and are preparing for the rush for the start of the year.

School and University Branded Flash Drives School and University Branded Flash Drives

We recently supplied a job to a school that was giving the flash drives out to pupils who attended the school.  They asked for the promotional USB memory sticks in a range of seven different colours, each year group was given a different colour of flash drive and the teachers were given a separate colour to the students.  This, we’re sure, had quite a few benefits specific to schools.  It could be seen from the colour of the flash drive what year the student was in at the school (this would be particularly handy in a large school), it would prevent flash drives being stolen between years and ‘the dog ate my homework’ was a little less believable now that most of it is done digitally.

In addition to the range of coloured memory sticks we also supplied the flash drives with white stickers on one side for the student to write their name on.  This not only made it more unique for the pupils but also made it much easier to return the flash drive to the student who misplaces it.

As the use of computers and Information Technology grows within schools uses for custom USB flash drives will possibly go from being used for students transferring files from home to school to storing their whole years work on them (with a back-up, obviously) and teachers saving homework on them for students to take home and complete.

To see some of our previous customers in the educational sector and to see the services that we offer educational institutes visit our ‘Branded USB Memory Sticks for Schools & Universities’ page.

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