Branded Memory Sticks

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Branded Memory Sticks

Branded Memory Sticks from USB2U are available in as little as 48Hrs. We offer a free design, free mock-up service couple with some of the best prices around. We can pre-load your Branded Memory Sticks for you and supply them in a wide range of presentation gift boxes for only a few extra pennies


Branded Memory Sticks are a phenomenon that has taken the Sales and Promotional industry by storm over the past few years. Once the preserve of the “techie” of “computer geek” USB Memory Sticks are now as ubiquitous as the good old “floppy drives” they replaced but their inherent portability, size and styling has made them far more desirable.
The combination of utility and desirability is rare, particularly at the cost point Branded Memory Sticks are available at. Today Branded Memory sticks come in a wide range of designs, sizes, colours and materials and when branded with a logo they look stunning.
USB2U are proven experts in the delivery of branded memory sticks and our team will work with you to help you select and visualise the right USB memory stick for your project. Give us a call or complete our on-line application form and we’ll get back to you with a tailored quote.


Did you know, we also offer USB Accessories such as Keyrings.
Did you know, we also offer USB Accessories such as Keyrings.
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Please fill out our Quotation Form and we will respond to your request within 2 working hours. If you have any questions or prefer to get a quote by phone then call: 0800 008 7079.

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Branded Memory Sticks Ė Some Pointers

Whether you call them branded memory sticks, flash drives, thumb drives, USB pens, flash sticks or just plain old USB sticks there is no denying the success of this product in the sales and promotions sector.

When you consider the humble USB memory stick only started to emerge in anger less than 10 years ago it's been a pretty meteoric rise. Today you'd be hard pushed to find anyone who uses computers on a regular basis that doesn't own at least one flash drive. Their popularity has been driven by their ease of use, portability and relatively cheap cost and itís these benefits that have made them such a great promotional product.

Even if you have one flash drive a second or third is always welcomed. It seems we can never have enough portable data storage products like memory sticks and this is at the heart of their use by the Sales and Promotions industry. When you give away a branded memory sticks you know it's going to be well received and you know that it's going to be used rather than tucked away in a drawer.

Branded Memory Sticks

Pick a size. At the heart of every memory stick is a flash memory chip (the thing that stores the data) and this comes in a wide range of sizes typically starting at 64MB and then increasing though 1GB to 16GB. Larger sizes up to 64GB are available but they are rarely used by the promotions industry because of their high cost. The typical size of a branded memory stick is 1GB or 2GB.

Branded Memory Sticks

So many different shapes. Wrapped around the core flash memory chip and "chip controller" is a moulding, typically plastic, that protects the memory chip. This moulding determines the overall shape and style of the memory stick and there are literally hundreds of standard mouldings available to choose from. The most popular style of moulding used for branded memory sticks is the "Twister" model. Its popular because it's small, there is no cap to lose, its available in a wide range of colours and its looks great printed up.

Branded Memory Sticks

Can I get them cheaper? The smaller memory size you select for your branded memory sticks the cheaper they will be because it's the size of the memory and not the style of memory stick that largely determines the cost. Memory chips are also rated for speed (data transfer speed) and generally the faster the chip the more it will cost. One thing to avoid is Grade B or recycled chips. These will reduce your cost but they are prone to high failure rates.

Branded Memory Sticks

How quickly can I get them? The typical lead-time is around 10 days but if you're in a hurry we carry UK stock of the most popular branded memory sticks we sell and these can be printed in the UK and delivered within 48 hrs.
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