Promotional Flash Drives - Dome Stickers

Mention the word "sticker" in the context of promotional flash drives and you don't always get a positive reaction. For some reason peoples perception of stickers is that they will look cheap and nasty and that they’re just a poor relation to memory sticks where the body of the memory stick itself is printed.

When we talk about “stickers” we don’t mean the sort of tacky sticker that someone has knocked up on a local printer and just plonked onto a blank flash drive. Improvements in sticker technology now allow us to use dome stickers on flash drives and memory sticks. A dome sticker is a combination of a high colour print protected under and raised resin dome. The stickers can be produced in any shape and can accommodate even the most complex of prints, including graduated tones that typically can’t be printed directly onto a memory stick.

Branded USB - Dome Stickers

So not only are dome stickers more flexible in terms of the complexity of print they can support but the resin layer applied to the sticker encases and protects the printed logo and helps prevent wear and tear. Printed memory sticks can occasionally be subject to problems of scratching and gradual erosion of the printed logo, particularly if the sticks are attached to a set of keys on a key ring. If you are looking for branded memory sticks that are likely to be subjected to this sort of punishment and you want your brand to remain intact then the use of domed stickers might be the solution.

Another benefit of domed stickers is that they can be printed in just a matter of days and then applied to blank (unprinted) stock. If you’re printing complex logos or logos with 3 or 4 colours and you need them in a hurry then domed stickers can also work out cheaper than getting memory sticks printed in the UK.

Dome Stickers

Of course the acid test is how the stickers look on the memory sticks and whether the finished product is going to do justice to your brand. From the memory sticks we’ve supplied where we’ve used domed stickers we can reassure you that they look fantastic. We’re not suggesting you should always use domed stickers because for some flash drives printing is and will always remain the best option. But, if you’re in a hurry and you don’t mind limiting your choice of flash drives to those that work well with domed stickers then they are an excellent solution.

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