On the Grid We Have Maserati, Mercedes, Porsche Branded Memory Sticks

Gentlemen start your engines. Not only are some of the worlds most advanced motor manufactures constantly challenging the boundaries of what makes a great motor car but they are now looking at how they use the latest USB memory stick products within their marketing plans, their trade shows and during their driving day experiences.

Promotional Flash Drives

For an industry that is renowned for its technological innovation, its cutting edge design and impressive marketing it’s perhaps no surprise that the leading manufactures have embraced the humble USB Memory Stick. After all, there are significantly more things you can do with a memory stick than you can do with a CD or DVD and they’re far more popular with customers, dealers, showroom staff and the motoring press.

Branded Memory Sticks

Branded flash drives are popular because done well can look absolutely stunning, they are an excellent and relatively cheap way to distribute large amounts of sales and technical data, advertising movie clips, road tests reports and links to web sites. They’re also excellent for use at trade shows to draw prospective customers to your stand (albeit the cars normally do a pretty good job of this anyway) and they are a great idea to hand out to journalists and members of the motoring press at Press Events.

Some of the more innovative uses include capturing driver data (and car performance data) during race days and driving days. At the end of the race/driving experience the data can be uploaded from the memory stick onto a PC for review and analysis. This is something that was simply not possible with CD/DVD technology but now, providing memory sticks with the right performance specification are used, it’s easily achieved.

Branded USB

At the moment the motoring industry is only scratching at the surface of what’s doable with a USB memory stick and understanding where they can add value but given their constant competition between the brands both on and off the track its going to be an interesting space to keep an eye on!

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