Let Branded USB’s Give You Some Confidence in Presentations

Most of our employees here at USB2U have a business background and are always looking for ways to improve their business skills.  Recently one of our employees ‘stumbled upon’ an interesting article sharing pointers and advice on how to give polished presentations.  The article was an interesting read and included pointers about where to sit, how to use a digital presentation to your advantage and the sort of language to use.

One piece of advice stood out above the rest.  It gave advice on how to most effectively use handouts to accompany a presentation.  The article said that handouts should never be given out at any time during a presentation.

We all know what happens if handouts are given to us at the beginning of a presentation.  Even if you haven’t given a presentation recently, you’ve most likely been in one where this has happened.  Eyes go down, everyone reads ahead and if you’re lucky they are sometimes on the right page.  It’s more likely that your audience are trying to calculate how much longer they will be sat for by the amount of pages and slides.

As we all know, if handouts are to be used, they should be provided after a presentation to add value or accompany it as opposed to being a competitor for your attention.

We all have a stack of paper from previous presentations on which we took notes, never to read or refer to again, yet we cant bring ourselves to put them straight in the bin in case we need them in the near future.  Months later on the cycle of the blue moon when we come to tidy our desk, we dig out these presentation slides and have no hesitation in throwing them away.

USb Clip Drive

‘What has this got to do with logo USB flash drives?’ I hear you ask.  Well, if handout information should be something that adds value to a presentation, but if people don’t refer back to the information, what’s the point in the handout?  Wouldn’t it be much more effective if you used an impressive company branded USB memory stick?

Think about the change in attitude of your audience when at the end they are given a useful USB flash drive.  It’s more likely that they would get back to their desk and plug the flash drive into their computer to find out what has been saved.  They could find a PDF version of your presentation, the hand out document, web links taking them directly to the Internet pages that you referred to and anything else that you found necessary to give the added value that your presentations deserves.  Referring back to your presentation information will become interesting.

Our new Clip USB flash drive is a small, sleek and professional looking memory stick that is perfect for this purpose.  It can double as a paper clip holding documents together or sit nicely on a suit or jacket pocket.

Using a branded USB memory stick can add value and make that impression that your presentation needs to secure the job, win the pitch or impress your boss.

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