How to Choose the Perfect Branded USB Flash Drive Model

Here at USB2U we boast one of the largest ranges of branded USB flash drives. Although that is a good thing because it gives our customers a lot of options when choosing their perfectly customised USB memory stick, it can make things a little more difficult.  We are constantly gaining new customers who are new to buying promotional memory drives so, to make it a little easier on them we want to offer some help and guidelines when choosing the best logo memory stick for their company.

  1. The first thing we have done to help select the right branded USB memory stick is to separate them into 11 categories:

    1. Classic USB Range – A collection of the most popular branded USB flash drives.
    2. Metal USB Range – A little tougher and durable and can be very sophisticated and stylish.
    3. Leather USB Range – An executive and professional option that allow for a stylish embossing.
    4. Credit Card USB Range – A very functional use of a USB flash drive that allows for a large printing area making them great for promotion.
    5. Key USB Range – An easily portable and impressive use for a USB memory stick that usually makes an impact.
    6. Pen Range – Perfectly living up to the name ‘USB pen drive’ this range doubles in functionality and is perfect for conferences.
    7. Wood Range – A tactile option that shouts ‘eco-friendly’.
    8. USB People Range – This fun USB option expresses individuality and can be personalised to a profession or personality.
    9. Novelty Range – This branded flash drive range includes wristbands, carabineers, batteries, metal cans, etc.
    10. Eco Friendly Range – This range of flash drives are a mixture of other models but the cases are recycled.
    11. Custom Range – This range is completely dependent on you, if you can imagine it, we can make it.

      USB2U Sample Product Range USB2U Sample Product Range
  2. Now you understand the various branded USB memory stick ranges it is important to understand what your company flash drives will be used for and what you want to get from them, that will largely help you decide which model is most applicable to you.  For example, if you need them for purely promotional purposes and want to hand as many as you can out at a trade fair then a cost effective flash drive from our classic range would probably be best.  However, if you want to say something through your flash drives to your customers, such as, ‘we are an experienced and professional brand’ a logo USB flash drive from the leather range may be more fitting.
  3. What artwork do you want on the custom USB flash drive?  If you just want, say, your logo and a web address then all of our flash drives will usually accommodate for a standard logo size however, if images and a lot of colour will better portray your brand then something from the credit card range will be perfect for a large printing area and full colour printing.
  4. The budget for your promotional USB memory sticks will no doubt be a major deciding factor.  We do not publish the prices of our flash drive due to the volatility of the cost of the flash drives but if you make an enquiry via our enquiry form we will get back to you within 2 hours (during office hours) with the costs and help you in your quest to find the perfect promotional USB memory sticks within budget.

These guidelines and points to consider should give you a good idea of the kind of branded flash drive that is right for your company.  However, if you are still no closer, then give us a call or make an enquiry and one of our dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable account managers will help you find out which USB model is best for you.

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