Functional and Fashionable Branded USB Memory Sticks

Fashion and technology is something that hasn’t always mixed very well. In the past there have been novelty t-shirts that light up, belts that can be programmed to display letters across and trainers that light up when you walk. Although some of these inventions are pretty impressive and get a bit of attention when they first come out they never seem to last a long time. Let’s be honest, you were jealous of the kid who had the watch that could turn the TV off in class when the teacher was trying to show you a video. However, the novelty only lasted a few days and the kid stopped wearing the watch because it was too big.

USB cuff-links on a shirt 4GB USB Cufflinks

We have noticed a few people trying to start the trend of using USB flash drives as a fashion accessory. A few months ago we came across a German music video with the artist wearing an excessive amount of twister USB memory sticks as jewellery and now we have found some USB cufflinks.

executive USB pen from USB2U Branded USB Executive Pen Flash Drive

The USB cufflinks aren’t notably bigger than standard cufflinks and are 2GB each making a total of 4GB. They are available in gunmetal and gold finishes which go well with almost any coloured shirt.  At extra cost the flash drive cufflinks can also be engraved making them a very fashionable branded USB memory stick. The designers call this invention ‘functional fashion’ however, like a few of the examples above some things should never be mixed. One example for the usefulness of the cufflink flash drives given, is: ‘your important presentations and documents will never be forgotten again’. The natural question however is; how do you keep your cuffs tidy when your links are plugged into the computer? Giving a presentation with one sleeve rolled up or tied together with a paperclip isn’t ideal. Nevertheless the retailers must have a lot of confidence in the product because they are asking $195 (around £120) per pair for this functional fashion.

We believe that there are many more ‘functional’ and ‘fashionable ways to always have your important presentations and documents at hand. Take for example our branded USB Pen flash drives, not only do we offer a selection of different styles that can be customised, it is also a fully functional writing pen. Then there is our range of leather USB flash drives that are professional, sleek and timelessly fashionable. Along with most of our range of USB flash drives, the USB keys fit nicely onto a key ring making them easily portable. It’s settled then, it doesn’t cost £120 to have functional and portable USB fashion.

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