FREE Data Loading On USB Flash Drives

If you’re planning to buy any promotional or branded USB flash drives during December then don’t forget to load the data onto the USB drives before your distribute them.

Millions of promotional USB flash drives are purchased by companies and then given away at trade shows, conferences, seminars, press events and other similar events. The objective of giving them away is typically to attract new customers to develop and strengthen existing relationships or to develop a company’s brand or all of these.

Flash drives overprinted with a company logo are popular promotional giveaways because they have a high-perceived value, they are small and portable, and they take print well. They’re also relatively inexpensive and they have a “high-tech” image that works particularly well if you’re trying to convey an image of a fresh, vibrant and modern company.

Data Loading USB Sticks

One thing that is often overlooked when companies buy branded USB flash drives is that the flash drives are fundamentally designed to hold data and a failure to load the drives with data before they are given away is a failure to recognise the wider opportunity these products offer. A typical promotional USB flash drive has at least 1 gigabyte of storage; to put this into context a 1GB stick will hold thousands and thousands of word documents, hundreds and PowerPoint presentations and hundreds of media files.

So, if you are paying for the flash drives and planning to give them away then don’t miss the opportunity to pre-load them with your sales brochure(s), your product sheets, press releases, links to your web site and any media files you have. Typically you’ll pay for the USB sticks to have the data loaded on them but at the moment USB2U is offering to load the data for you free of charge. All you have to do to qualify is order 100 or more USB flash drives during December and send your data into the team at USB2U and they’ll take care of the rest for you.

Your printed USB sticks will then be delivered to you with your data already on them – just to make sure the data is what you wanted you’ll be sent a “screen-grab” of how the data appears on the USB sticks before all of them are loaded.

This is a cracking offer will save you ££’s and will mean you won’t have to go through the heartache of loading the USB drives yourself.

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