Customised USB Memory – Tip 4. The Manufacturing Process Explained

In the forth of the series of top tips to consider when purchasing Customised USB Memory Sticks, we explain the manufacturing.

Once you have selected your supplier (See Tip 3) it’s worth understanding the manufacturing process, as this will give you a great appreciation of some of activities and the supplementary questions that you may wish to ask. On the face of it you would assume that the manufacturing process for Customised USB Memory sticks would be simply. However, pulling back the veneer shows a complex and challenging process.

Custom USB

There are 3 hardware components that make up a Branded Memory Stick:

  • The Flash Memory Chip, which comes in various memory sizes from 64Mb to 16Gb.
  • The PCBA Board which houses the Chip, Electronics and USB Connector
  • The casing that houses and protects the USB Memory Stick. These come in a myriad of shapes and designs.

Custom USB

Your UK supplier will be contracted to the factory/s that will purchase each of the above three components and assemble them. The following is the typical process a reputation factory would follow:

  1. They will purchase the Flash Memory Chips from companies such as Samsung, Hynix, Micron, Intel or other OEM brands. Care that they do not use B grade or recycled flash memory.
  2. All chips will be tested before attaching into the PCBA
  3. Any data that needs to be added onto the USB Branded Memory Stick is typically loaded at this stage. Again all units are QA tested. A screen print of the data will be sent to the client for sign-off.
  4. The factory will purchase the housing from dedicated manufactures. Again whilst certain models look the same it is important that only quality material is used.
  5. The next step is for the factory to screen print, emboss or engrave logos onto the shell of the USB Memory Stick. This can be a long and drawn out process if completed by hard, however most of the larger factories have fully automated printing processes. A proof will be sent to the client for signoff.
  6. The factory’s production line is then responsible for inserting the PCBA into the housing.
  7. Once the units have been assembled a full QA is again undertaken.
  8. Any accessories are added to the USB Branded Memory sticks, e.g. key rings.
  9. Finally they are packing into gift boxes or bubble bags.
  10. A courier picks up the goods, which need to be cleared through the originator’s and UK customs.

This entire process can take between 7-14days

The UK suppliers should undertake their own QA process before despatching these to you.

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