Top 10 Corporate Gift Ideas for Christmas 2019

Top 10 Corporate Gift Ideas for Christmas 2019

Top corporate gift ideas for christmas

Christmas is soon upon us, and with that the end of another year. To celebrate we have decided to present the top 10 promotional tech gifts of 2019, and how they can help both help your promotional campaigns and work brilliantly as corporate gift ideas.

From powerful portable chargers to professional tech gift sets, we chose the 10 very best options for you, all capable of vibrant or stand out branding.

1) PopSockets

PopSockets are not only the top promotional tech gift on the market, but it's by some margin. They have been the top dog in the promotional world for quite some time now, and it shows no sign of slowing down.

These innovative products stick to the back of smartphones via a reusable adhesive, and pop out to provide the user enhanced grip. They can be produced in a wide variety of colours as well as branded with a picture or company logo. This makes them a hugely unique prospect as a branding opportunity, and with phones being used more and more with every passing year, they provide an innovative form of brand exposure.

Black Nike Popsocket Triple branded popsockets

They can also double as a phone stand, allowing you to prop up your phone in order to watch videos hands free, and they can even be used to prevent your headphones getting tangled.

PopSockets are not just the top promotional tech item for 2019, but looks set to stay so for 2020 too, and make fantastic corporate gift ideas.

rise wireless charger

2) Rise Wireless Charging Stand

A unique and innovative product, the Rise Wireless Charging Stand doubles as a phone stand and a wireless charger. A metal panel located in the rear of the device can be removed, and then slots into a hole at the bottom, and props it up, turning it into a sturdy stand onto which you can place your smartphone.

Two different coils placed inside the stand allow for compatible smartphones to be charged sitting either portrait or landscape, and the black surface be printed onto with full colour printing.

3) Curve Wireless Charger

Wireless charging is one of the biggest trends in modern phone usage, as more and more compatible phones are released onto the market. Wireless charging uses inductive coils that can transfer energy over short distances via electromagnetic fields.

With this becoming a more efficient and common method of charging your phone, wireless charging pads such as the Curve Wireless Charger have huge promotional potential. A large flat surface that can easily be printed onto in full digital colour can result in bold designs, and the LED light around the outside lights up when in use and charging a device.

curve wireless charger
led deluxe power bank

4) LED Deluxe Power Bank

This fantastic new power banks shows the unbeatable promotional power of LED branding. A relatively new idea in the promotional market, this involves engraving with a laser to reveal an LED light below the surface, resulting in stark, eye catching branding. A generous branding area allows for large and bold logos to be prominently displayed.

The LED Deluxe Power Bank has a 4000mAh capacity, enough to charge the average smartphone between 1-2 times fully. A smooth black finish contrasts the bright white LED lighting, meaning this power bank that provides branding very few promotional items can match.

 5) Rainbow Bluetooth Speaker

A favourite for promotional giveaways for quite a while now, the Rainbow Bluetooth Speaker is a timeless promotional device that is both cost-effective and impressive. A compact and clean design belies a surprisingly good sound quality, and ensures this is a speaker than be transported in bags or even pockets.

A light up plate is on top of the device and is easily branded with a company logo or slogan. The plate comes available in a range of coloured LED lights that can match your brands colour scheme. It comes in a standard range of colours, but Pantone matching is also available.

rainbow bluetooth speaker
Spotlight bundle

6) Spotlight Set

This gift set allows you to truly illuminate your brand. Coming in a Large Black Flip Box, this gift set contains two of our most impressive and professional looking products, the Spotlight Power Bank and the Emergency LED Power Bank.

The Spotlight Power Bank has a 2500mAh battery as well as four blue LED battery indicator lights. The Emergency LED Power Bank  has a 750mAh battery, and a very compact design which makes it extremely portable, perfect for reviving dead smartphones on the go.

Both of these devices are branded via LED engraving, and this gives eye catching bold branding that stands out from the crowd.

7) USB & Mini White Flip Box Bundle

This gift set is simple, but effective. A choice of any USB comes inside our popular Mini White Flip Box. The box is made from heavy duty gloss coated card, and can be printed onto in full colour print. The branded USB of your choosing is then found inside, kept snug via custom cut foam.

If a USB from UK stock is chosen, this bundle is often available from as little as 24 hours. Popular USB sticks in this bundle include the Twister, Chic, Trident and Woodland.

mini flip box and usb
build your own executive gift sets

8) Build-your-own gift set

Always a popular choice around Christmas, building your own gift set couldn't be easier. Simply choose your packaging and tech items, being sure to check that they will fit (an account manager will happily check for you). Then send us your logo and then your items and packaging will all be branded with the supplied logo or slogan.

A whole range of items are possible to include in your bundle, from cables, wireless chargers and earphones to power banks and USBs.

For more information on this, please contact us on [email protected]

9) Executive gift set

Available in two variants, the Executive Gift Set is an impressive yet affordable bundle that is ideal as a corporate gift. This comes in either black or white, and has different items depending on your choice of colour. Both gift sets come housed inside our Large Flip Boxes which can be branded inside, and the products are kept snug via custom cut foam.

Both come with the popular Twister Mono and Mono Power Banks in the same colour, whilst the white has the Promotional 3 in 1 Charging Cable, and the black has a 2 in 1 Charging Cable.

executive gift set
Promotional Tech Gift Sets

10) Large Zipper Pouch Gift Sets

These are a selection of three different gift sets that are perfect as corporate gift ideas, all of which come in our Large Zipper Pouch. These are all designed to offer the very best tech gifts in an impressive and professional way.

The first variant is the Pro Charging Gift Set. This features the Duo Wireless Charger and Rainbow Power Bank, making a diverse bundle perfect for the average smartphone user. The Duo is a 5W wireless charging pad that can charge one phone wirelessly or two simultaneously via cables, whilst the Rainbow Power Bank is a popular portable charger that contains an easily branded light up plate.

The second option is the Mono Power Bank Gift Set, which features the Promotional 3 in 1 Cable and either a white or black version of the popular and powerful Mono Power Bank. Lastly, there is also the Lumos LED Power Bank Gift Set, which features the unique Lumos Power Bank, a portable charger with a grey cloth exterior that has a professional look and feel.

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