Consistent and Reliable USB2U Customer Service

The holiday season is coming to a close and most of the USB2U employees have used their days of holiday to take a relaxing trip and to go abroad. Employees have gone to Greece, Sicily, France etc.  The most recently returned employee came back from a self-catering camping holiday in France.  Being a self-catering holiday it meant that they were heavily dependant on local shops, supermarkets and restaurants for food and amenities, which lead to some problems.

Staying in a fairly remote area on the southwest border of France meant that shops closed at lunchtime for around two hours - weirdly even some bakeries and sandwich shops, which in England would benefit most at lunchtime. Most supermarkets also closed at eight o’clock every day and would almost throw you out of the shop at closing time. The most surprising thing about the experience in France was the lack of customer service in most shops.

promotional USB wearing a beret and a string of onions French USB Twister Flash Drive

Shop opening times always seemed so uncertain and never seemed convenient or made much sense, whether shops were open or not depended on the weather, when wrong change was given in shops you were made to feel like it was your fault for not giving the right amount and custom was even denied at one point because the shop wanted to do a stock take. We are aware that this is one experience of the customer service in France and does not apply to every shop or business and cultural differences could have played a big part in the how things were perceived. However, this experience got us thinking about our customer service.

At USB2U we aim to make ordering your branded USB flash drives as easy, consistent and helpful as possible. We assign an experienced and dedicated account manager to every new enquiry to help you choose the best custom USB memory sticks for the purpose. We are consistently available to contact via telephone between normal working hours of 9 and 5, and we can be emailed or contacted through our website any time of the day and we will respond as soon as we can during work hours. We offer free mock-ups and samples meaning that customers can see their virtual logo USB flash drive and feel the quality of our products in their hands before they place an order.

We deliver all of these services so that ordering custom USB memory sticks from USB2U will not be anywhere near the experience of our employee in France.

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