Branded USB Memory Sticks – Do Judge A Book By Its Cover!

First impressions really count when is comes to Branded USB Memory sticks. However good the Memory stick looks, the impact can be lost if it does not have appropriate packaging or no packaging at all. One of the key things to consider when ordering Branded USB Memory sticks is how these are going to be handed to / used by clients as this will have a bearing on the type of packaging to use. It is not just the initial impact that is key, but how memory sticks are stored after use. The following is a list of options that will help you to decide which is the most appropriate packaging to use. No packaging. Ok there is the odd time to skip the packaging, for example if they are being inserted into another delivery vehicle e.g. fulfilment pack. However, do ensure that your supplier places the branded Memory Sticks into individual bubble bags or in trays to avoid them scratching in transit. Small Cardboard Box. This entry level box protects the customised memory sticks and is very cost effective. Most suppliers will provide these free of charge. These can be printed for great impact. Don’t expect users to keep these, as most will be filed away in the bin as soon as they are opened. Boxes with windows.

magnetic box and window tin packaging for branded memory sticks

These are ideal to show the Branded Memory Sticks off in its full glory, as they can be positioned to appear in the window, so no need to print on the box. These come in both cardboard or metal material. Tin Boxes. These gives the Promotional Memory Drive greater gravitas and is an ideal executive gift box. They can be engraved or imprinted with a logo or marketing message that links in with the Branded Memory Stick. It also offer more room to add a neck tie, key ring or printed insert. Price can be expensive so shop around! Blister Pack. If the Branded Memory Sticks are for retail use, then blister packaging may be the solution. It allows the memory sticks to be displayed and a printed card inserted, with a marketing message or to simply show off the Memory Stick in its best light.

blister pack examples for branded usb flash drives

Other things you may need to be aware of: - Make sure the size of the packaging will allow for any accessories e.g. Branded lanyard - Ensure that you order your packaging with the memory sticks, otherwise if these are shipped in separately you would be charged duty on the shippment. - Suppliers are now offering packaging in recycled material – worth asking. - Remember the bigger and heavier the packaging the more it will cost to ship the Branded Memory sticks in.

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