Apple Get Creative with Branded USB Flash Drives

Since we have been selling branded USB flash drives we have been interested in the various ways that companies use their USB memory sticks. There is the obvious data transfer for employees, or purely as a promotional give-away but we have also seen companies use them as digital housing brochures, to put QR codes on, to store wedding photos and 3-D and 4-D baby scans.  We are continually thinking of ways that companies could use flash drives, for example a recent article (Augmented Reality Promotional Flash Drives) explained how companies could use them for augmented reality marketing.  We think that the uses for branded memory sticks are endless, and it would seem that Apple agree.

Apple Lion Operating System USB FLash Drive Apple Lion Operating System USB FLash Drive

With the launch of Apple’s new operating system – Lion OS X – it can be downloaded on the app store for £20.99 or it can be purchased, also from the app store, on a USB flash drive for £55.  Apple have not released the memory size of the flash drive but since the size of the downloadable file online is 3.49GB it can be assumed that the flash drive will be 4GB.  Understanding that Apple are charging only £20.99 for the operating system means that they are charging a £34.01 premium for the Apple branded USB flash drive.  Our sister company charge only £6.45 for a 4GB USB flash drive so taking that into account Apple are charging an amazing £27.56 for the branding on the memory stick.  This is actually quite unsurprising when you look at the cost of all of Apple’s other accessories.

Looking at the figures above and being the ‘tight wads’ that we are, I’m sure you are asking yourselves just as much as we are; ‘Why would anyone buy the Apple OS on the flash drive?’  Apple have said that they are offering the operating system on a flash drive for those who do not have a good broadband connection.  ‘Who doesn’t have a broadband connection?’ you might ask.  Well, when you consider that the OS is a pretty big 3.49GB which could take a painfully long time on some people’s internet connection and some people do have a monthly cap on the amount of data they can download.  If your connection is pretty unreliable you also might not want to risk loosing connection whilst downloading such an important file.

There is always the argument that those who want the newest Apple operating system should be savvy and techy enough to have a pretty good internet connection but, when the above points are put into context it hopefully sheds a little more understanding on why Apple are using branded memory sticks to update an operating system.

We believe that this is an excellent use for logo USB memory sticks and hope to see more inventive and creative applications for them in the future.  To see our promotional USB flash drive product range and develop your creativity visit the ‘show all’ product page.

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