A Great Time of Year for a USB Corporate Gift

It’s the holiday season and many employees are using their paid leave to go on holiday. They usually bring back simple gifts for their colleagues who were holding the fort in their absence.  Our office is no different; we have had bags of fruity sweets brought back from countries on the continent with the flavours that no one likes still left months later.  Employees’ bringing small gifts back with them from holiday is a nice gesture; it shows that they were thinking about their colleagues in the office whilst soaking up the sun somewhere a little more relaxing.  The same applies between companies.


Although no companies take a ‘holiday’ as such, small gifts and gestures can make a company feel valued, thanked or just thought of.  Unexpected but well-timed and thoughtful corporate gifts can strengthen relationships just as much as big expensive and extravagant corporate hospitality.

If at this point in the article you expected us to suggest that useful, large memory branded USB memory sticks would make an ideal gift to the employees of another company, you would be right.  However, there are other things that we think would also make perfect gifts.  We also offer a range of USB corporate gifts comprising of fans, and speakers.

The USB fan is a welcomed new gadget in time for the hot summer months and can show employees that you care about their comfort in the suns heat. The central area of the fan allows for a resin dome sticker that supports full colour printing, ideal for displaying complex logos. The airflow produced by the fan is big enough to provide an accurate cold blast without blowing papers and or pens around on a desk.

Pod Speaker
The small pod speaker is an impressive and quirky portable speaker, great for employees to take on holiday as the speaker charges via a USB lead and can be played outdoors on the battery or when plugged in at a desk. When closed the speaker is only 35mm high, which is makes for easy transportation. There is also little mess with wires or wrapping them around the speakers when storing the pod as the headphone jack and lead is retractable. The area on the pod allows for clear printing of a company logo and is a great functional promotional tool.

USB Pod Speaker USB Pod Speaker

Small Speaker Bar
These compact yet powerful computer speakers fit easily under a monitor or neatly on an office desk for those who listen to music whilst working. The speakers source power and play music from a computer connected via a USB port. This makes them simple and easy to connect as there is no need to play around with drivers or (headphone jack ports).

Large Speaker Bar
These large speakers lay low and wide whilst providing a strong and clear sound. There are three buttons displayed on the top of the speakers, which turn the power on and off and control the volume without having to change it on the device or computer. The port on one end of the speaker connects via USB to the computer sourcing power and music. The other end of the speakers allows for another device such as a phone or an MP3 player to be played through the speakers when plugged in.

We think that along with custom USB flash drives, these corporate gifts are ideal as a ‘middle of the year’ present which will certainly stand out and won’t get lost with the competition of other company gifts at Christmas.  To see more images of the fans and speakers and to find out more visit the Other USB Gifts page on the ‘products’ navigation bar at the top of the page.

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