We Offer Many Products As Blank Stock

Blank stock is a fantastic way to save money and also ensure maximum flexibility for your business. We offer a whole range of products without branding, allowing you to buy in bulk and brand them yourself at a later date. This offers you the ability to save money and purchase the more popular products ready to brand yourself as orders come in. 

This is of course particularly handy for our customers who work in the print industry and may have the ability to brand products themselves and therefore would prefer to simply have a large amount of blank stock in their possession.


USB2U have a wide range of blank stock tech products kept in UK stock which can be ordered at short notice. The UK based products run the entire breadth of our range, including blank USBs, unbranded power banks and tech gifts, and ensures there is always an option for you.

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Below are just a couple of these products:  




Blank USB Sticks

With over 15 different types of unbranded USB stick kept in UK stock at any time, we have a design to suit every need. Amongst these are three of our most popular designs, the Trident, the Chic, and two kinds of the immensely popular Twister. These designs are instantly recognisable and can come in multiple different colours and in some cases  different finishes.

Alongside these, we have some of the more unique designs available. The Woodland USB comes in FSC approved sustainable woods such as Maple, Walnut and Bamboo, whilst the Rodeo uses faux-leather and chrome to create a truly unique looking flash drive design, and the USB card is easily portable and allows for wildly complex designs.

Blank Twister Blank Chic




Unbranded Power Banks

We also have over 10 kinds of blank power banks, with varying battery capacities, designs and materials, including some of most popular chargers. The Credit Card Power Bank is a very unique product, that has the same rough dimensions as a bank card, and is just a little thicker, making is easily portable and allowing some truly eye catching logos and designs. The Edge Power Bank is also kept in UK stock (white version only), and can recharge a modern smartphone in roughly two hours.

We also have a range of unbranded power banks which are capable of LED branding, resulting in vibrant, light up logos and names (these would need to be engraved to reveal the light up LEDs). The Lumos LED Power Bank has a black plastic casing and a grey cloth exterior that provides an impressive premium appearance and feel. The Spotlight Power Bank has a smooth and unique design with a matt black finish and blue battery indicator lights, whilst the Emergency Power Bank is a smaller, more compact version of the Spotlight, with an inbuilt cable.

Edge Power Bank Blank Mono Power Bank




Unbranded Tech Gifts

From cables to audio products, and even unbranded wireless chargers, we have a range of over 30 tech gifts kept in UK stock and available in very little time. In terms of cables alone, we have over five different types to choose from.

If you are looking for blank audio products, meanwhile, our Epic Earphones provide stylish and personal sound, whilst our Rainbow Bluetooth Speaker has an impressive sound quality and a light up brandable plate. We also offer two wireless charging pads. The Duo allows you to either charge one device wirelessly or two via the USB ports, whilst the Curve has LED lights and an impressively sleek and modern appearance. Alongside these, we offer products such as car phone holders, webcam covers, and gift sets.

Blank Rainbow Cable Blank Curve charger

*Whilst we aim to keep all of these products in UK stock, there may be times when certain products are sold out or not currently available.

Email us on trade@usb2u.co.uk