Power Bank Frequently Asked Questions

New to Power Banks? Don't worry, we understand that it can be confusing if you are looking to buy promotional Power Banks for the first time. Below we have tried to answer the questions that we are most often asked by our customers. If you do have a question that isn't answered below, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

What Are Power Banks?

Branded Power Banks, otherwise known as portable phone chargers or backup phone batteries, are new portable devices that can recharge smartphones and other mobile tech on the go, when there is no available mains power nearby. They are available in various models and styles and come in a range of power capacities.

What Are Power Banks Used For?

Whilst they are most popularly used to recharge smartphones, Power Banks are also used to recharge other mobile devices. These include tablets, e-cigarettes, portable speakers, GPS / sat-navs, digital cameras, handheld game consoles and many more.

How Do Power Banks Work?

  • Charge the Power Bank by connecting it to either a computer (via USB) or into the mains supply before taking it with you, or storing it in a convenient place such as a glove box / handbag etc.
  • Connect to your electronic device using a promotional charging cable or the cable that came with your smartphone / device.
  • No more battery failures! Your mobile / tablet will be topped-up and ready to go again.

Are Power Banks Safe?

Safety is paramount when choosing the right supplier of Power Banks. It’s easy to reduce the costs of powerbanks by scrimping on the quality of components used, e.g. battery certifications and protective circuitry. But in doing so this creates a tangible risk to the safety of the power bank, the phone and other charged devices, and could even harm the end user. Cheap power banks are a false economy and here at USB2U we won’t sacrifice safety for cost. Before you purchase promotional power banks, make sure you talk to your supplier about their product safety certifications. We only use Grade A Battery cells and each and every power bank that leaves our factory is rigorously tested, including being fully charged and discharged before it is delivered to you. If you have any questions about the safety of our products, please don’t hesitate to call and speak to one of our experts.

All Power Banks supplied by USB2U are RoHS and CE compliant and come with a 2 year warranty.

What capacity Power Bank do I need?

A Power Bank's capacity is measured in mAh (milliamp hours). To fully recharge a device, you would need a power bank with the same or greater mAh than the device in question. A Power bank with a lesser mAh will still recharge your mobile device but only partially.

How Long Will it Take for a Power Bank to Charge my Phone?

It depends on the battery capacity of the power bank as well as the battery capacity of the device you are charging. No matter its capacity all of USB2U’s power banks will deliver the same amount of charge to your device in 1 hour. So if you have two phones that are exactly the same, one is being charged by a 2200mAh power bank and the other is being charged by a 6600mAh power bank, both will receive the same amount of charge at the end of an hour. The only difference is that the 2200mAh will have less charge left compared to the 6600mAh power bank.

How Long Will it Take to Charge the Power Bank Itself?

The charging time of your Power Bank is very much dependant on its input current and capacity. Put simply, a 2200mAh power bank may take only 2‐3 hours to charge, whereas a 6600mAh power bank may take 3‐5 hours to charge. A power bank can be charged using a wall charger or a computer with a USB cable. The wall charger will charge the power bank at a faster rate than the computer as computers have a smaller charging output.

What is included with USB2U's Promotional Power Banks?

Each of our promotional power banks are supplied with instructions, an unbranded card gift box and a USB-to-micro-USB charging cable to re-charge the power bank itself. We can supply 3-in-1 universal cables (Micro-USB, Apple lightning and Apple 30-pin connectors) on request – a small additional charge applies. Please call for details.

Our standard lead time for most promotional power bank models is 7-10 working days. However we do offer a power bank express service and can deliver branded powerbanks in as little as 24 hours. If you need your promotional power banks in a hurry, please call us on 0800 008 7075 and one of our friendly account managers will happily advise you.

What Kind of Artwork Can Be Applied To Your Power Banks?

We offer full colour digital print on most of our printed power banks so can usually accommodate any colour logo including tints and gradients. On our laser engraved power banks we can usually engrave almost any black and white artwork.

How Should Artwork Be Supplied for Power Banks?

The preferable formats for artwork are .ai .pdf and .eps vector files as these will always give the best results in any finishing process. If these formats are not readily available, we can often work with .PSD (Photoshop) .jpg .tiff or .png files however this may result in less than perfect branding in some circumstances. Please refer to the product specific artwork guidelines that can be downloaded from each product page on our website.


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