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We offer ecologically friendly USB options

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We understand that in todays society, with climate change becoming an ever increasing worry, the need for your company or organisation to be ecologically friendly is a more pressing concern than ever.

Because of this, we are constantly looking for ways to make our USBs and the processes of both production and delivery more environmentally friendly.

Take a look at our various different options which allow you to make your order of USBs, power banks or tech gifts more environmentally friendly.

Sustainable Wooden USBs

We offer a full range of different USBs which all made from environmentally sustainable or recycleable materials.

We have a wide variety of wooden USBs, with light wood (maple), dark wood (walnut) or bamboo options. Both the maple and the walnut options have been approved and certified by the FSC, the Forest Stewardship Council, who certify products to mark them as sustainable and eco friendly. Bamboo, meanwhile, it known to be fast growing and easily replenishable.

We also now offer a Cardboard USB, with a shell made of fully recyclable sturdy cardboard. This is a fantastic option for anyone hoping for a more environmentally friendly USB, and will work work particularly well for any organisation known for being kind to the environment.

Finally, we also now have a cork usb, shaped in a sleek and compact cylindrical shape. Whilst cork is made from trees, it is considered sustainable because the tree itself is not cut down in order to make, the bark is simply stripped, and then grows back.

We also offer a selection of our most popular designs in more environmentally friendly materials, such as our eco versions of the swivel and twister models, two of our more long term favourite styles.

Recyclable Packaging

Green Packaging Options

We also offer ways to make the packaging more friendly to the environment too, with recyclable material that ensures no wasteage or packaging will end up going to landfill. Our photography packages are all made from sustainable materials, with wooden and card options available, making impressive looking photography packages all from materials shown to be kind to the environment. The wooden options can be engraved, and are made from the same sustainable wooden options as the USBs (maple and walnut). The other options are card based boxes which are durable yet sleek and stylish and can have full colour printing for bold branding options.

We also now offer 100% degradable polybags. These bags are made using thermoplastic which is plastcizer-free and contains natural potato-starch and other biologically sourced polymers. This results in a bag that is compostable and recycled. Although it is biodegradable, the material should only be disposed of in controlled waste environments. If disposed of in an industrial composting area, the bag will completely disintegrate inside 90 days, whilst domestic composting will take a little longer.

If you have your own thoughts in regards to how you would like your branded promotional packaging to look, please let us know. Even if we don't advertise the right shape or size on our website, it's very possible we could source bespoke designs for you. 

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