You Can Have Barrels of Fun With These Branded USB Flash Drives

If you’re bored with standard rectangular USB flash drives and you’re looking for something a little different, something that will grab peoples attention and something that is robust and will take the knocks of everyday use then why not consider a USB Barrel.

Branded USB Barrels are not only great fun but also they look fantastic and they are incredibly tough. They are of course “miniature” versions of barrels but like regular barrels they are manufactured from wood and metal that gives them their inherent strength. The lid of the barrel has the USB connector and memory built into it and is held securely in place because its “screws” into the barrel when not in use. The metal base of the USB barrel is magnetised (we’re not really sure why) but I guess it could be handy if you need to pick up lots of paper clips or play with iron filings.

USB Barrels

The real beauty of these barrels is that they look great and because of their strength they work really well on a keyrings. Some standard models of USB flash drives simply aren’t up to the daily punishment of being attached to a set of keys but the barrels will easily withstand the punishment.

Most people think drink companies and drink related brands when they think, about barrels or kegs but they are suitable for any brand and of course over the centuries barrels have been used to store and transport a wide range of products including tea, coffee and other commodities.

Branded USB Barrels, just like standard USB memory sticks come in a wide range of memory sizes starting at 128MB

USB Barrel

and going all the way up to 16GB. There are two choices of wood colour/finish available and they can be engraved or printed. It’s also possible to pre-load the barrels with data before they are distributed. The data loading can be done during the manufacturing process to save you the time and heartache of doing it yourself.

If you’d like to see what you companies logo might look like printed on one of our USB barrels just email us over your logo and our designers will work up some concepts for you free of charge and with no obligation.

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