Wuhan Virus Crisis Causes Chinese New Year Extension

Wuhan Virus Crisis Causes Chinese New Year Extension

Chinese new year extension Chinese new year extension

On Monday the 27th of January, Chinese government officials announced that they were extending the Chinese New Year holidays by at least a further three days as part of a bid to halt the worrying spread of the Wuhan virus. Many may not return until at least the middle of the month.

The extension of the Chinese New Year holidays is aimed at preventing the virus from spreading further, by delaying the millions due to travel back from visiting their family and return to work.

Named after the city it comes from, the Wuhan coronavirus has become a major health worry for the country, affecting 3,000 people and killing 81 so far and has spread to other parts of China, and has seen a few cases in other countries such as Japan, Australia, France and United States of America.

The province of Hubei, which includes Wuhan is currently locked down, in what may be the biggest quarantine operation ever, whilst the city of Shanghai has prevented all business workers from returning to their jobs until the tenth of February. This ban will apply to all workers except for utilities, medical workers, and supermarkets.

The World Health Organisation have said they are not yet sure if the virus is contagious before its symptoms appear, known as the incubation period.


Naturally this is going to have a big impact on any business that has partners in the far east, with products and materials delayed in being sent out until workers do return.

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