Why We Personalise Power Banks in the UK

Why We Personalise Power Banks in the UK

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As Chinese New Year approaches, it becomes obvious to our customers why we stock and personalise power banks in the UK.

When factories close for Lunar New Year, lead times for branded power banks from China can be as long as 6-8 weeks. When you need power banks branded with a logo for an event, waiting just isn't an option. On this occasion, ordering from a UK supplier makes total sense.

As a nation we have become accustomed to Amazon Prime delivery times, and a "delivered next day" mentality is fairly commonplace. This mindset can be difficult to shift when your client or boss perhaps doesn't have any experience of the print industry and what it entails to brand a promotional product. This is where our express service comes in handy; our partners and customers know they are in good hands when they have an urgent requirement for branded power banks.

Here at USB2U, all of our power bank orders are now finished in our production facility in Northampton, not just when they are ordered on our Express Service. Why, you might ask? Carry on reading to find out why we have switched to UK printing of power banks, and why you might want to consider ordering from a UK stock power bank supplier all year long...

Our Top 4 reasons for personalizing power banks in the UK

  1. Personalised phone chargers are classed as dangerous goods.

    Essentially, this means that any shipment containing hazardous materials such as batteries is subjected to more stringent shipping rules and customs checks. What's more, any supplier flying in personalised power banks must be accredited to handle and ship dangerous goods. Whilst we have been Dangerous Goods Accredited since 2017, this doesn't make us immune to the safety checks and delays customs teams could impose at any time. As such, having stock of power banks in our UK warehouse ready to print makes it easier for us to avoid delays and offer a guaranteed delivery service.

  2. Flying branded power banks in by air is not good for the environment.

    It is well known that air freight has the largest carbon footprint of all common forms of long distance freight. By choosing to bring all of our power banks into the UK by sea for finishing and personalisation, we dramatically reduce our carbon footprint. As a business, making environmentally conscious choices is always front of mind, so by choosing sea freight over air freight when transporting our power banks we are reducing the carbon footprint of our products.

  3. We can be more flexible. 

    And by flexible we don't just mean with regards to delivery times; we are well known in the industry for delivering branded power banks in as little as 24 hours. Our flexibility can also be with regards to minimum order quantites, branding possibilities, packaging options and more. For example, if you need just one power bank personalised with a name or image as a gift, our UK stock and in house printing facilities make this possible. We even have a dedicated online shop for consumers to purchase personalised power banks as one offs.

  4. We have total control over print finish.

    Anyone who has worked in the print industry will tell you how important it is to achieve a quality print of a client's logo. As we print ourselves in house, we can make adjustments to print size, positioning, colours and more prior to production. We also offer photographs of printed sample power banks as a final proofing stage as standard. We take pride in our work and by keeping printing in house, we can offer consistency and discuss any changes with the product in hand.

Historically, UK based power bank suppliers including ourselves have manufactured and personalised portable phone chargers in the Far East and flown them over by air. However, as you can see in the reasons outlined above, this just isn't practical or the best choice nowadays.

This Chinese New Year, we have a range of portable power banks in various sizes and capacities for urgent delivery. Get in touch today to request a quote and more information on our UK stock power banks personalised with a logo.

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