Why Large Software Companies Use USB2U For Updates

Why Large Software Companies Use USB2U For Updates

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We work with a number of large software companies on a regular basis, many of whom use our products to ensure that their clients and users have the very latest updates for their programs. Ensuring your clients have the latest software and content is incredibly important for ensuring that their program remains safe and secure, and bug free, as well as making sure they have access to the very latest features.

We work with companies across a broad range of different sectors, including car insurance claims and collision repair software companies,  CNC engraving/milling/routing software companies, and management and booking software for barbers, salons and spas.

Distributing software updates via USB flash drives has a number of benefits over download links. Perhaps the most obvious is that they are not reliant on the internet, or internet speed. Clients with slow internet will not have to wait hours to download even the smallest updates, whilst even those who have no access to internet at all can easily update their software and content and ensure they are running the most up to date versions of your applications. This is especially relevant for large updates, where even those with faster internet speeds may struggle to download the full update in a timely manner.

Another large benefit is that the flash drive which contains the update can be kept permanently, meaning that clients can keep the updates in case they need to reinstall at a later date. This is far more convenient than having to re-download the latest update.

Alongside this, some people may be more comfortable installing an update from a USB than downloading one from the internet. This is especially the case for older people or those less familiar with modern IT equipment or the internet.We can do the data loading for you, with our facilities housing over a dozen data duplication machines capable of loading data in a fast and reliable way to multiple flash drives all at once.

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We check every single flash drive after data loading to ensure not a single one is damaged, and that they all contain the correct working files. Our entire data loading service is free for all memory sticks loaded with 500MB of data or less, and for anything over only a small charge is applied.

Of course, all of our corporate flash drives use UDP chips to ensure that you get ultra fast and reliable data transfer, with excellent responsiveness. Alongside this, all of our USB sticks will be branded with your logo or slogan for free.

Ask our team about loading your software onto our USB sticks, unique serial numbering, and our fulfilment and postal services.

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