Why Colour Match Printed USB Memory Sticks

With so many standard colours available why would you choose to pay a little extra for a pantone matched body shell, particularly if its going to add a couple of days to the lead time?

Pantone matching the body shell is a process that allows you to specify the exact colour the shell (the case of the memory stick) is manufactured in. Standard colours typically include red, blue, white, black, yellow and green but on some models the standard colour pallet does offer more choice. Even when there is a wider choice of standard colours if you want the USB sticks to “pick out” one of the key colours from your logo then typically (unless you’re very luck) the only option is to get the shell custom made and pantone matched.

Colour Matched USB Sticks

Why do it? Well, colours are often used to portray the essence, the DNA of a brand or brand identity and using a colour that is a close match rather than an exact match dilutes the effort put into the brand. Can you ever see Coca Cola using branded USB memory sticks with a red body colour that was not the “Coca Cola” pantone red or Starbucks buying green USB sticks that were not pantone matched to the specific green of their logo – the short answer is no.

Where there is not enough time to get colour matched USB sticks produced companies tend to go with a neutral colour (black , white or silver) and then print their logo either using the proper pantone references or print the colour in a mono colour, e.g. black one white or white on black.

The reality is that colour or pantone matched USB sticks are the best option if time and budget permits. This way you

Colour matched USB

get exactly the colour you want, there is no compromise in terms of your brand strategy and more importantly when the USB sticks are distributed they will reinforce your brand and products associated with it.

In terms of cost, pantone matching typically adds around £50 to the overall cost of the order so amortised across a few hundred USB sticks its pennies. Pantone matching will add 1-2 days at most to the production lead-time but the end results are worth the wait.

USB2U offer a pantone matching service on a wide range of USB flash drives and offer some of the most aggressive prices for custom USB drives in the UK. If you’re interested get in touch for a free no obligation quote and free design and mock-up support.

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