We’re now on the Dark Side of the Moon

No, it’s not a reference to the best-selling Pink Floyd album that was released in 1973 but an attempt to illustrate the current challenges of dealing with suppliers of promotional USB memory sticks that are based in China.

At the moment China is pretty much closed whilst the workers take time off work to celebrate National Day (which is then in turn extended into a “Golden Week” long holiday). During this time pretty much all communication with China is lost; pretty much nothing is manufactured, nothing is shipped and no new work or orders are scheduled. It is to all intents and purposes as though China is on the dark side of moon and all communication is down until they return to work.

The Golden Week holiday finishes on Friday and the factories open again next Monday but when they return they’ll have the double whammy of dealing with orders that were backing up before they went on holiday and a deluge of new orders to schedule on their return. As such it can take a couple of weeks before anything like normality returns!

Whilst we have our own factory partner in China where we produce our USB memory sticks we are impacted along with everyone else during this extended holiday period so please do be patient if you need USB sticks in a hurry.

Having dealt with these challenges over the last 10 years we have now invested heavily to give us assembly, print and engraving capabilities in the UK. Coupled with this we hold a significant amount of USB memory sticks in the UK so we are one of the few UK based suppliers of promotional USB memory sticks that can genuinely supply printed or engraved USB sticks (pre-loaded with data) within 24hrs from an order being placed.

So whilst we can’t offer the complete range of flash drives shown on our web site during this challenging period we can offer a good choice of models and memory sizes with a range of printing and engraving options.

We also carry large stocks of plain gift boxes and tins which can also be printed or engraved.

If you do find yourself struggling to source USB flash drives at the moment it’s always worth giving us a call to check what options we have. Some form of “normality” will return next week but lead-times will be stretched for a few more weeks to come.

Promotional USB Memory Sticks

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