We’re Getting All Eggcited About Our Custom USB Flash Drives

Maybe its because Easter is fast approaching or maybe its because they are incredibly cute but our custom USB eggs certainly seem to be hitting the mark at the moment.

The two latest customers to commission these custom USB eggs were Teesside University and the highly regarded video games design and production company Alien After All.

Teesside University Custom USB
Teesside University wanted something to bring their student packs to life. The student packs they had produced were themed around “cracking the potential” but in paper format they were deemed a bit flat and boring. The answer was have a bespoke USB Memory stick in the shape of a egg - corny = possibly, memorable = yes! This was then loaded with bespoke course information that students could pick up as they toured the university.

Alien After All are the company behind the design and development of one of the latest Nintendo DSi Games - DoDoGo. The game breaks new territory, it’s a download game packed full of captivating missions, bonus level challenges and promises great fun for gamers of all ages. One of the key characters are the little dinosaur eggs and the custom USB’s commissioned by Alien After All have been manufactured in the shape of the eggs. These are ideal give-aways to support the launch of the game. Expect them to become collectors items of the future so preparing your own little egg treasure hunt might not be a bad idea!

Alien After All Custom USB

Both Teesside University and Alien After All have illustrated just how well a custom USB stick can fit into an overall advertising and marketing plan. All it takes is a little imagination and a little bit of time in your project plan to get them manufactured.

If eggs are not your thing don’t worry because custom flash drives can be produced in pretty much any 2-D or 3-D shape and in a variety of materials. If you are interested then the best thing is to give us a call and talk through your ideas. Our in-house designs team will then work up some concepts for your approval and give you the all-important prices and lead times.

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