We’re All In A Lather Over Leather USB Flash Drives

Lets face it if you’re looking for a promotional product these days then a branded USB flash drive has got to be on your short list of options. Yes, there are alternative products about but very few of them combine a good looking, desirable and useful product with the ability to pre-load onto the product all of your corporate sales material, product flyers, media files, web links and so on!

What else is there for less that a few pounds will be so warmly and gratefully received as a USB flash drive particularly when the flash drive is in effect a Trojan Horse that is carrying inside it all of your compelling sales information. Bear in mind that the few pound that the printed flash drives will cost you can often be offset by not having to print your glossy corporate brochures, your presentation slide and other corporate material. Good quality brochures cost a fortune and printing out and collating Powerpoint slides in-house is equally expensive so it makes sense to pre-load these onto a flash drive and hand them out.

People like and in many ways prefer to get their product/corporate information this way, particularly if they are getting it at a trade show or event where they are likely to be offered brochures and product information by lots of vendors. No one really wants to “lug” bags of brochures around all day – walking around trade shows and consumer fairs is hard work in itself before you weigh yourself down with tons of brochures many of which will find their way straight into the bin.

USB flash drives, because of their perceived value and their usefulness will get kept and they will get used and as soon as they are used your company data (if you’ve pre-loaded it onto the USB flash drives) will be presented to them. Even better as the USB flash drive is used it will generate more brand exposure and hopefully engender some brand loyalty.

Leather USB Drives

But how do you choose which of the many thousands of USB flash drives is right for you, your company or your event/activity. Well, if you’re looking for a steer based on what’s popular then you can’t go far wrong with the Twister Model (sometimes also called the Rotate) but if you want something a little different with a touch of luxury and class about it then you might consider a leather USB flash drive. The leather versions of the USB flash drive are warm to the touch, tactile, robust and work incredibly well as a give-away or promotional product.

At USB2U we’ve just taken delivery of some exciting new leather USB flash drives which we think are well worth a look. Interested? – Give us a call for free on 0800 008 7079 or complete our no-obligation quote form on our web site.

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