Welcome Students Back with Branded Tech Gifts

Welcome Students Back with Branded Tech Gifts

University logo branded cables powerbanks University logo branded cables powerbanks

Back to Campus

As the UK prepares to move into Step 4 of the Government's roadmap out of Coronavirus restrictions, university students are preparing themselves to get back into lecture theatres and seminar rooms once again. Whilst universities and higher education institutions have been planning for a phased return since the easing of restrictions earlier in the year, they have now been given the green light for all students to return to face to face teaching and learning as of 19th July.

Whilst this will be a welcome change for many of the students who have been shelling out thousands of pounds in exchange for an arguably more challenging remote learning experience, some will be understandably nervous about transitioning back to campus life. Universities and their societies and clubs are getting creative, thinking of new ways to make students feel welcome and supported as they move back onto campus during freshers' week.

Goody Bags & Welcome Packs

With plans for freshers' fairs and events underway, many organisers are thinking of useful items to fill their goody bags with, including products to promote the university and clubs themselves whilst at the same time helping to create a sense of belonging.

Traditionally, hoodies and branded clothing have been a staple giveaway when initiating new students into a new sports club or society, however these day tech products printed with the university logo that students can use every day are becoming increasingly popular alongside the more traditional promotional products.

Power Banks & Wireless Chargers

Wireless Phone Chargers for example branded with a university logo are the perfect addition to a student's desk setup either at the library or back at halls of residence, making sure that their smartphones are always charged so that they can stay connected to their peers.  The Curve Wireless Charger from USB2U is a great choice; Qi compatible, it has a 10w output meaning it is 'fast charging' compared to many alternatives on the market. The large, white circle print area is generous, giving ample space for the university's logo to be proudly displayed when not in use. When in use, the Curve Wireless Charger has a handy, built in LED light to show when the device is still being charged.

Wireless charger charging an iphone on a desk

The fast charging Curve Wireless Charger from USB2U

Branded Power Banks continue to be a staple for busy university students who are always on the go. With battery sizes from 2200mAh all the way up to 10,000mAh, our range of power banks that can be printed with a university logo are suitable for every budget and design. The Credit Card Power Bank is a popular choice with an integrated charging cable compatible with all smartphones - students don't need to remember to pack a charging cable as well as their power bank when they are walking home from the library (or even a night out!).


Branded Power Bank and Wireless Charger with university logo

If you'd like some more ideas on how our products and services can help you build your welcome packs for freshers (or those who might feel like freshers after being off campus for the past 18 months!), then get in touch with one of our friendly account managers today who will be happy to talk you through our available options.

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