Wedding tech – USB Sticks Lead the Way

The BBC today posted a thought provoking story which examined the ways in which technology is gradually changing some aspects of the traditional wedding. Some of more extreme examples are:

Augmented Reality Wedding Invitations – These are printed invitations that play a video message from the happy couple when invitation is scanned by a

Image Courtesy of BBC

smart phone or tablet. It’s a technology that’s been around for a couple of years now and it finally looks as though it’s gaining some traction.

Wedding Dresses that automatically display well wishes sent by Twitter on subtle LED’s threaded into the fabric of the dress.

Robot ring bearers – cute little robots dressed in a tuxedo and bowtie that can be hired for the wedding ceremony!

What the article failed to mention is that USB memory sticks are already changing the way in which guests are invited to weddings, the way in which they are encouraged to participate in wedding and the way in which video footage and photographs from the day are stored and distributed.

At USB2U we’ve supplied  tens of thousands of printed and engraved USB memory sticks to professional wedding photographers who now regularly use them in preference to CD’s and DVD’s. We also supplied personalised USB sticks to the bride and groom to hand out as wedding favours but a recent request took the use of USB sticks to another level:

The USB Wedding:

The Invitations to the wedding of Ben and his bride to be were sent out on a USB stick engraved with their names, the date of the wedding and an image of the wedding venue. The sticks were sent out to the invitees in a beautifully printed box (with colours that matched the theme of the day) and the USB sticks themselves were pre-loaded with the wedding invitation, a video montage showing cute photographs of the bride and groom and children and through their courtship.

Nothing too unusual about this but where it really started to get interesting is when Ben said the instructions sent with the USB sticks asked the guests to load onto them their own photos and videos from the day. They were then to send them to Ben after the wedding – he in turn was then going to edit everything he was sent and create a short film of the day that included images captured not just by the professional videographer and photographer but by the guests themselves!

The final “edit” would be returned to the guests on the USB sticks as a keep-sake from the day! What a great idea.

USB stick might not be in the same league as Augmented Reality and Robots but they do illustrate that much against the view of traditionalists that technology is already a feature in a growing number of weddings.

USB Memory Sticks for Weddings


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