Wafer Thin USB Credit Cards In a Wallet

Its hard to believe but the latest generation of USB credit card flash drives are only just over 2mm thick. When you consider this has to include the flash memory module, the controller chip , the capacitor that regulates the power, and the USB connector so you can plug it into your PC that is one neat trick.

It’s the sort of trick you see Apple to pull with their ultra thin Mac Book Air but given the premium prices Apple charge it’s no surprise. These wafer thin credit card USB flash drives on the other hand are only a few pounds and they can create the same sort of “wow” when given away as part of any company sales and marketing campaign.

Don’t think for a minute that by choosing a USB credit card to be branded with your company logo that you sacrifice speed and performance when compared to a standard style USB flash drive. These wafer style USB cards are available from 512MB all the way up to 16GB so there is tons of space on them to pre-load even the largest of files, company brochures or movie clips.

Apart from their ultra thin shape and portability another major advantage these USB cards have over regular USB flash drives is the amount of space you can print on. The cards are exactly the same size as a regular credit card and the entire space on both sides can be printed with whatever image, logo, strap line or photo you want. The cards also support full colour “photo quality” print so there’s certainly no compromise on the overall look of the finished product.

Most people already have a wallet or purse designed to carry bank cards that these USB cards will slip right into or, you can supply them with their own little leather wallet  - these can also be embossed with a company brand or logo for extra impact.

Credit Card USB Sticks

Finally, if you’re thinking of mailing out your USB sticks then the credit card versions ought to be top of your shopping list for no other reason than they are thin enough to slip into a standard envelope and be posted using “Letter Post: rather than “Packet Post”. Given the latest round of price increases imposed by the Royal Mail in the UK this is a significant benefit and these cost savings alone are typically much more than any premium you might pay for a credit card USB flash drive compared to any of the standard models.

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