Credit Card USB Flash Drives

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Credit Card USB Flash Drives

USB flash drives have been with us for around 10 years and for much of this time the “standard” design has been a variant of a rectangular “stick”. These have been produced in hundreds of styles, finishes and colours, some with a cap, others with a “swivel clip” that when turned exposes the USB connector and others where the USB connector retracts into the body of the USB drive.

The “USB Sticks” have proven incredibly popular over the years both as a personal storage solution and also as a promotional tool or sales aide. One of the downsides of classic USB sticks is that they only have a limited amount of print space to work with. so whilst they are fine for simple logo’s and designs they struggle with anything more complex.

Enter the Credit Card USB Flash Drive. USB flash drives that are the same shape, size and thickness as a standard credit card have only recently entered the market. This is because its only now that the components can be miniaturised to fit inside a 2mm thick credit card!

Credit Card USB drives have the benefit of being able to slot into existing wallets, purses and bags and they are large enough to print multiple and complex logos and strap lines. Whilst they won’t necessarily replace the more traditional “stick” models USB credit cards look set to make a big impact in the promotional USB market. .
Did you know, we also offer USB Accessories such as Keyrings.
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